Hear ye! Hear Ye!

Nadia’s HAIR is no longer a virgin! Buahahahahaa!!!

Welcome to the coloured hair club sis!

And we are bloody happy that it’s not silky black anymore.

No more envyness.



My DJing for today and tomorrow has been canceled for.. I’m not sure what reason. Just when I want to jump up and down screaming "yatta!!!” , I received another sms from my boss saying,

‘but I still need u to do something’


He asked me to represent him tomorrow and introduce his trio band to someone at Sutera Harbour

Mocha was a bit worried about my so-called part time job.

I was suppose to be a part time DJ, but now, I’m like my boss representative/personal assistant to run his errand.

Hrmm…. Come to think about it…. 3 days off from Djing = One 30-minutes of socializing and expanding my network….

Not bad.

Okays~ I’m very flexible.

But, just this once.

If this thing continues and got ‘lebey’, then only I’ll call it sayonara.

Puan Lalita of RTM KK offered and recommended me to become a part time radio DJ in RTM’s English Radio station, the Sabah.VFM (92.7)

U kidding me? Of course I’m gonna grab the opportunity! I’ve given her all my certs and resume, and on Monday, I’ll pass her my cover letter that the Director requested.

Thanks Lalita!

Special thanks to my anata Mars and DJ Selina for being the reason why I got into this whole DJing thing, and of course.. to DJ Viola for training this newbie-me ^^

Recap – I’ve won the 1st Runner Up for the Guest DJ Competition 2007. I may not win the first place, but just look at all the post-opportunities!!! (trying hard to soothe myself) Hohohoho!


After my gym session today, I met up with my two little goonies at Warisan Square. Mama joined us shortly after that and we had our dinner at Secret Recipe.

Uhuhuhuhu… Chicken Cordon Bleu~~ Yummy!!!

Cici @ Secret Recipe

Nadia & Pinky

Mama & Me

My number is: 012-kiss-my-pinky

At Charles & Keith

I met up with the BBQ gang at YesterYears KK for Adrian’s farewell party.

Nah~ he’s not going to London or Dubai.. just KL. But we sure gonna miss him.

Well, I’m gonna miss his ‘kl-slang-wannabe’ accent whenever he talks to me.


“Bye Adrian! I’m gonna miss you!”, I said.
“Owhh!! Thank you.. I will too” – Adrian
“Group Hugggg!!!” – Me
“Group Hugggg!!!” – Adrian

“Why are you touching my BUTT!!!! – Me
“Wha---????” – Adrian
” – BBQ gang

Well… he ter’accident’.. but I just wanted to make a scene.


Something for you to remember me by, bro.

Goodluck In everything… I meant… in THE ‘thing’ that makes u wanted to go to KL so much.
(when everyone else is running away from there)

Say hello to the KL toll.
Say hello to the Smokes & Pollution.
Say hello to high-pay house rent and extra bills.
Say I love you to all the shopping malls there for me.


Starring: Adrian

Pepperoni Pizza






Mars: Messu? | Aya: Dessu!

Si budak baik yang bernama Julian

The Three Stooges


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