Muka no 'Lui'?

I had enough with Kenji,
and I've decided to downgrade my camera back and use the old Sony DSC-W90 Digicam instead.
Better handling.

But since it turned kaput last year for no reason (last person to hold it was Nadia),
I headed to Fotomat, Centre Point, to fix the Sony W90 and asked one of the lady boss for the price of new memory card, battery, charger & transfer cable just in case one of em was the cause of the problem.

While waiting, some pilak look-a-like kid who was one of the worker there butt in into my conversation with BB about Blackberry/Blueberry phone.
(What the....)
So... not understanding his gibberish Philippino accent (no offense) English, I ignored and continued looking at the phones.

Who knows suddenly he continued asking me stuff that is SO-not-clever:

"Are you sure you have the money and can afford to pay for all the item you asked for?"
"*squinting my eyes* And why not?"
"Coz the prices for memory cards (and bla222) just jacked up (and bla222)"
"Wait till the girl comes back... you'll see~ *smirk*"
"@_@ *astounded* "

What the hell?
Who are YOU to tell me that?!
My muka 'no money' punya face ka???

Right when the lady boss came to give me my stuff and explain all the technicalities of my digicam, I told her off, pointed my finger at the boy who was just right behind me, *he and his friends were stunned for a moment* to watch his mouth and that he is in NO PLACE to say to ANY customer whether or not they can afford any items in the shop.

The lady boss was blur for a moment and asked me again which boy I was talking about.

Then I pointed at him again"This one" , and looked at him, with smirk and the word 'satisfy' written all over my face. Lalala~

Revenge is a bliss. *hops to eat McD for lunch*

Oh yey~ my digicam is back and alive again!



2 Responses to "Muka no 'Lui'?"

Mas Light said... June 10, 2010 at 7:18 PM

*rofl. somehow this is very farnie especially the "satisfy" face. somehow I could imagine ;)

Mouren said... June 11, 2010 at 8:07 AM

Hahaha..all I can said is Padan Muka!!!..

Eeee...I hate people that judge the book by it's cover...uweek! (>_<)


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