June updates :)

I've been meaning to blog this post since last week
but i just couldn't get my camera's memory card read!

Now that every event is overlapping each other,
i guess i will have to update on what had been happening for the past few days in one go :)


BB been fetching me to office since I got back from Japan.
Felt bad that he has to wake up early in the morning just to make sure I arrive in the office EARLY (7.30am) <-- *I'm famous for being late *

In return, I prepare him a healthy meal every day to compliment his new diet * I BB*

I have a new member in my family :)
Let's say hello to Trisha ^_^

Cici found her in DBKK few weeks back.
Her presence at home during her first 2 days was a slight disaster.
She shitted everywhere including on my bed!
But now that she has been potty trained, everything went smooth and dandy :)

KK Jazz Festival is finally over.
Other than assisting the publicity team in facebook/radio promotions,
I was also put in charge for whatever appeared on the projector screen during the event ^_^

This year's Jazz Festival was the best.
With bigger stage, better quality sound system,
awesome performers, (I love Island Jazz Connection from Penang & Mood Indigo from United Kingdom), I couldn't asked for more... except a good weather (it was pouring like mad! @_@)

My Father's Day Celebration was great as well ^_^

Did you see the cupcakes?
The golf deco is cute right? :P

Since Boutique Cupcakes was fully booked at that moment,
I ordered from Ebony instead and gave her a golf theme reference I got from the internet.

The vanilla base tasted good to me, but the fondant is not my cup of tea.
It tasted slightly like medicine

Since Papa is diabetic, he was banned from eating the fondant XD


Paksu joined a karaoke competition in Palace Hotel and made it through the final.
We all went to cheer for him last night, and he bagged 4th place out of 10 finalists.

It was a very close match between him and the 3rd place winner.
But oh well, he did his best :)
Try again next year Paksu! Ganbatte! XD

Oh! Oh! Last but not least,
2 of my friends/colleagues got hitched officially =P

One of 'em was Serena who got engaged on the 1st of June :)

Next was Clifton who got married on the 17th June at Le Meridien.

Congrats Serena & Jim!!!! Congrats Clifton & Yih Ru!


Fuah~ finally!
All out of my chest!
It's lunch time ;) Chiao!


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