Window shopping for home furniture is super fun!

I absolutely love my weekend!
It was all so random, BB and I had so much fun scouting around for our home furniture and appliances ^_^

After cutting our budget down, down and dooooownnnn from our home designer...
we finally decided to have a custom built kitchen ONLY.
The rest, we'll play around with lose furniture, thanks to Richard for giving so many creative and possible ideas! *hugs Richard*

Having a beautiful first home is a dream to every couple ESPECIALLY to the ladies.
But no matter how beautiful and exquisite i wanted the house to be, like my mom always advice: "Ukur baju di badan sendiri".
I cannot be all excited and splurge till "debts do us apart".
So it's better to enjoy the moment to choose and get items few things at a time and slowly make it into a practical dream home.
Plus, we have a wedding to plan as well.. and that's enough to keep us alert on our spending.

Anyways, we found some furniture that we like at few shops in KK, noted the price down and arrange the list according to our priority.
BB had his eye on one of the big L-shaped leather sofa.
I on the other hand am eying on the thick and soft bed for the bedroom.
Those two will be an investment for us :)

For those soon to be married or if you already are, there will be an IPEX event in Sabah Trade Centre this Thursday till Sunday.
I'm gonna scout for a vendor who can give me a nice and quality kitchen without burning a hole in my wallet.
Oh! That includes a wardrobe (not built in please).

To all married couple / parents, tips are highly welcome in this post yeah ^_^
Those who are living in a condo/apartment, tips to fully utilize the place is needed as well.


2 Responses to "Window shopping for home furniture is super fun!"

maslight said... April 18, 2011 at 4:00 PM

How exciting!

CathJ said... April 19, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Wow.. very interesting... best moment to find furniture for own home..and can be hectic too..

as for me.. For apartment the best way to have more space usually to have a built in cabinet.. BUT it doesn't come cheap of coz.. anyway it's up to the couple right, some people prefer loose cabinet.

Can buy magazines and spend time to visit any apartment show house to get inspired..

all the best.. :D


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