Filling your business pipeline seminar - your golden ticket to discover your strength, build your wealth and design your destiny

Last week moved pretty fast for me...
Lots have been learned yet more learning need to be done.
From the way i see it, whether the path i chose and the desicion i made was right or wrong, it doesn't matter.
I don't want to regret of not trying out the opportunities given to me.
At least i know i've tried rather then procrastinating or condemning every single step i'm about to take.

Oh! The pre marriage course i attended last weekend went very well!
Though it was a bit warm (bad aircond) i had so much fun listening to the talks given by the Ustazs)
Saw 2 *kof* people i know attended it as well.
*Ahaaaa~~~ somebody's getting married hah~~~*
I also received another shocking news...
One close friend of mine is cutting through and getting married this May! I'm soooo happy for her!!!!

Spent my Sunday night at Eve's crib for a BBQ session.
Dr. Ali Qassem was invited too, and guess what?
He was the master chef for the night!

I helped out a bit to fasten the preparation process *heh :P* (hungry~~)
We basically had an Arabian dish and once everything is cooked, the food was O.M.G DELICIOUS!!!!
I love love looooove the chicken which was prepared using an improvised Arabian recipe as well as the fruit salad! So so so yummmy!!!!!
Aside from being a top motivational speaker, Dr. Ali definitely a good cook!!! *super impress*

During chit chatting, i received so many tips and inspiration by Dr. Ali Qassem.
As any other people, I don't want to be working soooo hard and spending soooo much valuable time yet reap a very little outcome.
Instead, with what was shared by Dr. Ali, to achieve my hope to be financially free, all is within the reach of my hands :)

If you are a business minded person, or have a company but have yet to see any eye popping income or simply clueless on how to reap sales, i'd highly recommend you to go to Dr. Ali's upcoming seminar.
BB went to his 3 days seminar on Events and Management topic worth RM2700 and I was lucky enough to be sponsored to go to his last talk for free by Eve last month.
This time, for one day seminar, Dr. Ali only charge RM250 for early bird (after 15th April 2011, price will increase to RM300) .

click image to enlarge

StarCity Conference & Event Centre
2nd Floor, Link Bridge, Kompleks Star City, Asia City,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

8th May 2011 (Sunday)

9am - 5pm

In this seminar, you will:

1) Discover your strengths and learn how to use them in order to live the life you always wanted
2) Understand the mental laws that will improve your personal power and turn you to a sales professional
3) Learn how to find long-term prospects and how to motivate them to buy
4) Learn how to make a powerful presentation, how to negotiate and how to handle objections
5) Understand the 10 GOLDEN RULES of closing a sale and how to avoid the fatal closing mistakes

  • 8.00am - Registration
  • 9.00am - Session 1: Motivational Speech (Discover your strength, build your wealth & Design your destiny)
  • 10.30am Tea Break
  • 11.00am Session 2: Develop Your Personal Power (The 10 Mental Laws of selling)
  • 12.00pm Session 3: Prospecting (Filling your business pipeline motivating people to buy)
  • 1.00pm. Lunch
  • 2.00pm. Session 4: Buying Is Emotional (Making a powerful presentation negotiation skills and how to handle objections)
  • 3.30pm. Tea Break
  • 4.00pm. Session 4: The Endgame (The trial close and Closing the Sale)
  • 5.00pm. Lucky Draw (5 Attractive Prizes & RM1000 Cash)

"Training is not a ‘recreational’ luxury to be implemented when times are good, but is an essential survival tool when times are pretty rough." Dr. Lee Meadows

To purchase the ticket, you can email me at before the 15th April 2011.

Dr. Ali Qassem hailed from Jordan Jordanian who is also is an international motivational speaker, management consultant, training provider, and an author on management and personal development. He has conducted seminars and courses and helped to develop thousands of people from Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Brunei from all levels from CEO's to school students.

So don't let this opportunity pass you guys! Grab em while it's hot!!! zssss~~~~ =D


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