English Tea House & Restaurant (Jesselton Point), Creative Dreams International is coming to Jakarta, Indonesia!

*breathe in*
I'm currently taking a break from sorting out all the quotations and prices for my house and wedding.
I cannot wait for these to be over and be dumped with another set of budget after marriage XD *pun intended*
Went to Wisma Muis to get Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin form only to find out they are close during lunch time =,=
So to make myself happy, Marissa and I went to the new English Tea House and Restaurant at Jesselton Point ^_^

I've always hear good review about this place in Sandakan but never really get to go and try it myself.
So here I am sitting in the Restaurant listening to Jazzy music and some classical English song.
Marissa and I, at least for today, try to act royally in conjunction with the Royal Wedding =D
Too bad the tea cup doesn't look as English as it should be, else, we would've posed in front of the camera drinking with our pinky finger up :P

Dessert came first.
I ordered a Tiramisu cake (RM9.50)
The taste was alright... nothing to shout about.
I'm just glad it doesn't have plastic texture.

For lunch, I ordered a single scone with Strawberry Jam and Fresh Cream (RM5)
It was big, hot, soft and very delicious!!!

Word of advice: Always eat scone when it is hot.
1 scone is enough seriously.
I felt so full after eating it.

Marissa and I decided to share the Club Sandwich (RM12.50)
Marissa said the toasted bread was a bit hard, nonetheless, it tasted ok.
I had to pack my share as I was really full from the scone.
To ease my tummy, i had a hot Earl Grey tea (RM4.50)... hrmm~

Oh! Met Nel at the restaurant too!
She used to work with Pirates of the Borneo restaurant few years back.
Now she's one of the waitress there wearing cute English maid outfit ^_^

Took some of the menu for your reference...
Some parts are a bit blur. I took it with my phone :)

Oh my god.. the carb is making me sleepy *yawns*
Next time, I'm thinking of trying out the Lasagne.
The picture is just too tempting *heh :P*


In 3 more weeks, i'll be off to Jakarta for the launching of Creative Dreams International in Indonesia.
Unlike in Malaysia, there is no competition there and whoever joined will be the pioneer in the business :)

I'll also be shopping around with my Mom and Nadia during the 6 days trip.
Can't wait!


Anyways, tomorrow will be another long weeked *yey!*
My sis and I (together with our other half) will be going for HIV test tomorrow.
Can't wait for another PT with Michelle in the afternoon to burn off more fats.
Sensei Michelle basically grilling me with cardio and I feel like a melted butter *huhuhu*
I'll also be off for my first Wedding dress fitting on Sunday to see which fashion suits me best and which part of my body I should work out more other than my legs *chaio chaio*

Wish me luck! =D Daa~


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