me love Tinker Stinkers

I finally watched Tinkerbell the Movie ^^

She's as 'ngegeh' and stubborn as ever, but I like her.

If you watch this movie, you'll definitely be amazed with the story, quality AND I especially love her transparent patterned wings :)

She also kinda like the 'technology maker & super modern inventor' in the Fairy land XD...

and if you watched Peter Pan (of course u have) you'll love the ending (it's a prelude to Peter Pan in a way) and will start to recall and match both stories of how tinker reacted before and will react after towards a certain someone ;).

But too bad the cute Peter Pan didn't show up at the end of the movie.

Kinda hope that he would. XD

If you haven't watched it, here are some of the trailers & videos for you to see :)

Gtg to for the guest Dj rehersal.

See ya tinker stinkers!


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