Off to Jakarta :)

While other people can panic less than an hour before their flight take off...
The story is different with my parents.
They panic 3 hours early.

Now here I am sitting and idling, waiting for the counter to open =_="

Thank god Ms Ferrari is around T_T (my laptop, that is).

Earlier on I was in Citymall supporting the first Cosplay Competition held there.
Few people that I know participated, i.e. Irene Pudding Paradise, Dasaru, J.Na, Rina and Dark Kaze.

Mars and Serena went there cosplayed as Maka and Tsubaki from Soul Eater. (Just supporting not competing). As for Death the Kid, I have Dasaru to take my place XD *thanks Dasaru*

To cut story short, *I had to rush in awhile now*, here are the winners.

Best performance...

'L' from Death note which was crossplayed by a girl.
Sorry, can't remember her name.

Anyhow, J.Na came the 3rd place *yey!*

Dark Kaze won the 2nd place *yey!*

And the winner?

Obviously it's Irene! *yey!!!!*

From the effort that she had seriously put in for this competition, (she danced, she sang and performed well) Irene deserved to win the competition. *yey* Fyi, she's the president for the KKCC (Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club) by the way.

What made me happy is that, all of them are CSPian!!! CSP FTW! Orz!!!

Thank god I did not cosplay OR join the competition coz my stupz ex-boss was the MC for the competition =_=".. Ergh! My eyes are about to burst blood when I saw him. Pfft!

Oh! I also tried the new Japan Boat Takoyaki in Wisma Merdeka.

OMG!!!! Damn good!! Crunchy but soft, you gotta taste it when its hot!

Guess what...

I ate 3 boxes of Takoyaki... +1 Takoyaki from Dino Dinosaur's left over.


Gotta run!

Am off to Jakarta/Bandung till Thursday XD

Will catch you guys if I can online for new updates.



*I miss BB Sotong*




1 Response to "Off to Jakarta :)"

Rambler said... December 15, 2008 at 1:28 PM

servED no pork... so now they do?


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