Post Bandung trip: Gue udah balik!!! ^^

Hey peeps.
I'm home XD
Shopping in Bandung was a blast.
Everyone who went there would say that too; so I won’t go into details.

A word of advice though...

Bring A LOT of money!

..Which I did. But not enough =_="

I ended up using my credit card instead.
Nyeaahh~~ XD

But going to Jakarta/Bandung is not all about shopping.

These 2 places have more than just that ;)

On our way to Bandung, our tour guide cum driver Pak Mamat brought us to
Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah"

There, we went for a gondola ride ^^

If you're wondering how it looks like; I’d say it is like a VERY SMALL Disneyland. They have Disney castle look a like, a lot of traditional houses from Indonesia, insect museum/farm, aquarium and etc.

During the gondola ride, I was informed that the picture of the pond i took below is actually reflecting the islands in Jakarta. Sabah was in there too, but is represented as Borneo island :)

When I went to the washroom, this is what I saw XD

Amazing! How can they tell??? XD Haha!

If you enjoy going to cool and breezy place, why not try the Takuban Perahu. Despite the cool weather, Takuban Perahu is also where the active volcano situated in.

You can also shop and bargain from the locals there...

.. and just like in Bali, there WILL be plenty of ZOMBIES (street vendor) following you around. Hehe ^^

...and you know what I bought??



I had the whole box to myself!

I mean seriously, the strawberries are so delicious.

What makes them different is that they had been sprayed with honey syrup; so the sweet taste mixed with the original taste of a strawberry will linger and melt in your mouth.. hmmm~~~~

Would recommend it to the romantic couples ;) HOHOHOHO~

Here are some other photos from my trip :)

The things I've learned in Jakarta/Bandung is that there are a lot of factory outlets there. To not waste your precious shopping moment, pick the right AND the best one.. like Rumah Mode, Heritage, Summit, Happening (formerly known as the Rich and Famous) and Pasar Baru. You'll go nuts! XD

Oh! Get ready lots of small change for tips as well.

Thing is... most of the people there will help you voluntarily (without being asked) but expect you to pay in return (baik tak payah call volunteer kan?).

From volunteering to be a traffic warden (seriously you dont need to become a police traffic to be a traffic warden there), to finding parking for you (just like in Wisma Merdeka area), even the mascot in Taman Mini Indonesia is asking us for money!

Example of BEFORE:


Penyamun! Can't believe we had to pay just to take picture with the twitty impersonator! Dahlah peluk orang kuat-kuat =_=

And if you call yourself a rempit, don't be too cocky just yet till you've driven in Jakarta/Bandung. @_@


Maneuvering so suddenly, honking non stop... It's always traffic jam here. Even 3 to 4am in the morning!

But on top of all, I have to salute people of Indonesia. They worked hard in almost every aspect. From agriculture to developing nice 'not-box-looking' shopping malls and buildings. Respect! ;)

Oh! Oh! and little birdie told me that there will soon be a direct flight from KK to Bandung. It means, you dont have to fly to Jakarta just toget to Bandung anymore ;) If it's gonna be anytime soon, am planning to go there again in July. Hohohoho!!!!

Ok tired. Niiiiteees~~~


PS: Just to inform you guys, Bit3Lips garage sale have to be postponed again due to unforseen circumstances. New date will be informed soon. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.




4 Responses to "Post Bandung trip: Gue udah balik!!! ^^"

M.I.M.O.T said... December 19, 2008 at 12:04 PM

whehuw~! very long post like mine weeeheee. it always been a long post when we have vacation ayt?! ;). i love the places on th pic weeee.. i think you had so much fun. nice!

welcome back.. :D

Naith_KK said... December 19, 2008 at 10:08 PM

Direct flights from KK to Bandung was supposed to be scheduled around November 2007... but due to lack of demand and the result of future planning, it was scrapped. They focused more on Jakarta and Bali... but dropped Bali due to the same reason. Who knows, that lil birdy might have given you a heads up of what's to come? ;)

Aya said... December 20, 2008 at 10:39 AM

M.I.M.O.T >

I Did! Thanks Mimot!!! Must go to Bandung!

Naith_KK >

I sure hope so too XD If that lil birdy gave wrong info, I'll just tembak and goreng. Hahahahahha!

elixelle said... December 22, 2008 at 8:43 PM

Really?!?! direct flight to Bandung from KK?!?!?! Huhu... I've already bought tickets for next July via Jakarta... Bandung here I come (again)!!!!

I love Bandung... LOL!!! It's such a nice place isn't it?!?!


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