The result: Temperance

Hobbycon is tomorrow.. OMG~~~~!!!!!
But fret no more coz I have all my cosplay stuff DONE.
Can't wait XD
I'm more worried about the second day of Hobbycon coz the character that I'm cosplaying is VERY mafan!!!! Not the outfit! It's the hairrrrr!!!! The hairrrrrrrr!!! *sawan*

PS: HOBBYCON 2008 : Saturday & Sunday at Kompleks Asia City, 11am to 7pm. BRING CAMERA!!!


I have officially moved to blogspot. Muehehehe.
I can make money *hopefully*
I can add/delete/edit it myself however I want it to be *buahaha*
You guys can subscribe to my blog easily.
So start subscribing XD


Zacky's birthday was yesterday, so as usual, birthday party is a must.

Roger brought along his new tarot card XD
So being a person who love all this future reading, fortune telling, horoscope and sort... of course am excited. *not that I believe in it or anything but we played around for fun*

I had a lot of questions for him really :P
But I decided to go for the obvious one. Nyiaaa~ XD

After Roger did his thing-a-magic, I once again learned the obvious.

I love money.......


I splurge a lot.... on shopping =_=”

But that was his reading about my past life lar...

I have repent myself so to speak.. *blargh*

ok... at least trying to. Haha!

Hey I still work my butt off to get more and as much as I can while I can XD

The result?


Am actually in the state of being happy as always, have a good sense of my strength and weaknesses and accept myself just as i am XD


Am off to the Canon 999 Portrait Project now.

And Sotong is picking me up for lunch. Yey!


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