Christmas came late... in January that is...

Yesterday was definitely not my day.
My pc broke down.
I can't use it up till now and have to use the intern's pc instead.
My squash racket went missing and I don't know how or where it went to.
I've always leave it in my car after every squash session.
It's just poof! disappear.
Just like my pc, it remain a mystery until today.
A proper meal that I longed to cook for myself after sport, ended up as take out meal coz the gardener forgot to inform the maid to defrost the chicken.
I lost my mood after that XD
But all ended well regardless.
I completed my work with whatever means possible.
Didn't feel guilty of skipping squash coz I went aerobic before that.
And BB bought me chicken wing for dinner.
*me sayang BB*


Our office aircond has gotten less cold these days so our boss called technicians today to fix it.
While they were at it, the water kept spattering at us and then suddenly pieces of ice blokes started to fall and landed on Marissa's computer desk.

Rina ran to my table to save her cereal and took an umbrella and placed it beside my monitor.

"Awww... such a sweety. Protecting me from the water"

That's what I thought till she say, "Nah! to protect your monitor"


Thanks a lot Rina.


1 Response to "Christmas came late... in January that is..."

maslight said... January 13, 2009 at 7:49 PM

wuah punya rusak..


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