Oh nous... I forgot to eat the salmon spread =_=

I've been going to the Likas Sports Complex Aerobic class for about 3 days now...
I know am a bit jakun here but RM25 for 8 times a month is not bad at all compare to that stupid mofo Yfitness who suck up all my money just like that. *grrr*
I love the body conditioning class; I can feel my butt muscle yeah~~~
and it was my first time using the exercise band TOO XD *haha... jakun again*
2 of the instructor were Rona and Jenny who taught the Yfitness belly dance / weight class before.
According to Mars, they had been teaching the aerobic class even before they joined Yfitness.
If you noticed, a new gym is replacing Yfitness and NO! the hell I'm gonna sign up for a membership again!
Unless it's free
*thinking about money that had flown away*
Pity those who signed up for lifetime membership man....


Anyhow, as mentioned, I was selected as one of the TOP 30 for the Redbull Female Driver Search.
Mama was well... kinda ok with me going to KL for the qualifying round... she even offered her MAS enrich points for me to buy tickets.
But papa...
Wahlah.. =D
He was totally against it this morning.
Which after so long, I agreed XD
Coz the thing is, I gotta fork out my money for everything.
From air tickets, to accomodation, to transportation and pocket money XD
So oh well ^^


Had a talk with my Grandma about my work, my life and etc.
I'd say talking to her gives me a different perspective compare to talking to your friends, parents or siblings.
On top of all, she makes me feel calm and happy with what I have now, regardless.
Me love my grandmama so much.

Things haven't been so good for TokWan. (My grandpa).
After diagnosed with stroke, not only he's unable to speak / move, his skin is breaking and every part of him including nails become very sensitive.
It's hard to cut his thick fingernails nowadays while trying to be VERY CAREFUL not to pull it out from the.... *NO!!!! STOP IMAGINING*


Been going to Silverhand ofc right after my workout & dinner lately.
I finished all my design including our website mock up design.
Cross finger that it will be up by 1st Feb.
Now I remember why I want to even blog today.
*clears throat*
Aside from doing events, Silverhand also acts as a medium to provide opportunities to the local artists (mainly Malaysian).
In our website, *if you're an artist/photographer*, you can promote and mark up your artwork price from the base printing price and you can make money ;)
The coolest part is, we don't charge any commission to you/buyer.
Who knows... *cross fingers*... that there's ppl out there who'll love ur work/find it unique and want to make postcard/greeting card/tshirt out of it in bulk.
We never know huh?
In other words, BB and I are kinda like testing the market here to see how far the creative industry here can go.
And it's a win-win situation ;)
*click here* for detail info/example (1st post).

Gonna run to make milo now.
The pantry ran out of Coffee mate.


1 Response to "Oh nous... I forgot to eat the salmon spread =_="

Fridaycat said... January 19, 2009 at 10:07 AM

Good on you, girl! i been working out too and for someone who HATES the gym, I have to admit I've been feeling a lot better these days.

Keep it up!


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