Gong Xi Fa Chai! Ang Pow Lai Lai! ^^

My childhood friend, Mel is back with her hubby (Jijoe) from KL yesterday; and alas, the trios are together again!!!! XD

Just when I thought that my 2009 gonna be suckier than ever, trying to gasp for more air while living my extraordinary life *yes.. me love labeling my life like that*, things had menuver a bit to the brighter side.

My wishes were fulfilled, and in a VERY short precious hours from yesterday and today, I get to spend quality time with BB, went for a family gathering in 'rumah besar' Tuaran after sooooo long since my late aunt passed away, catch up with Mel & Leena (these two completed the Trios) and had a delicious dinner with my own family.


Was reading a report over radio earlier on. From today (25th Jan 2009) till Tuesday (27th Jan 2009) there'll be strong winds and high tide. So u can expect more rain during Chinese New Year. But that's ok, come rain or shine, to the Chinese, both of them bring good fortune. True or not?

I was also reading the solar eclipse announcement & warnings that's happening tomorrow, which is also the first day of CNY (as in.. the usuals... "never ever look directly at the sun", tips on how to look at solar eclipse safely and yada2).. but one thing that really draw out sweats from my head is this particular listener who kept on smsing 18SX messages over the radio sms system.

Aper kah...? >_<" Sot oo! But it did make me laugh lar. Haha! The solar eclipse probably gonna be early in the morning *which most of us are still asleep* or who knows... it might happen much later. The time is basically varies with location. And wheather or not it's gonna be dark as how it was back in 1995 *I skipped school to watch TV that time.. buahahaha* we'll just have to wait and see ;) Photographers.. take note and shoot some photos for us!

Since today is the eve of Chinese New Year, I'm pretty sure most of our Chinese friends are having a big family dinner and get together tonight (including BB). Hope you guys will have a great one, and please take those delicious Yee Sang photo if you're having any aight?!

In conjunction with the celebration, I'd like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!! Ang Pow Lai Lai!!! LOL!!!! To all the singles and unmarried, this is your moment to celebrate and feel less dreadfull coz we.. are.. going.. for.. ANG POW HUNTING!!!!! Hohohohoho!!!!!



1 Response to "Gong Xi Fa Chai! Ang Pow Lai Lai! ^^"

maslight said... January 26, 2009 at 11:21 AM

wuahhh..oh remind me my last yee sang @_@ waw ramai gila..muat 1 meja is a surprise hahahah XD


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