Where did the 'Pak' sound go?

BB has been expressing concern that ever since I fast and lose a bit of weight,
my butt has turn from the ‘Pak’ sound to the ‘Pok’ sound.
*I don’t even know what that means*

I know when Yfitness close down, I haven’t been to the gym for 2 months and the balance ratio between my food intake and workout have gone haywire. Quoting Cici, “lain tempat besar, lain tempat kendur” =_=” *sedey*

Since setting a new target/goal in my blog has helped me to become more discipline rather than just memorizing or saying it, I now have a new target to reach:

“To get back the ‘pak’ sound *why do I even say this* , get more tone and healthy”

I’ve started my DVD exercise routine this morning *boy, I sweat like crazy* and will continue for 6 weeks.
I’m also planning to learn squash with fellow friends like Beverly, Bryan, Rainer and Edgar *I heard they’re super pro XD yey!* starting next week.
(Gotta exercise out of the house sometimes you know)

I’ve also started drinking Green Fit *click*, a mix apple powder drink with oat powder, spirulina, aloe vera and other good-good stuff.

My sister bought it from her colleague for our family to try and compare to a normal laxative *I do get constipation prob sometimes*, Green Fit is by far better. It’s natural, healthy, won’t give you tummy ache and safe.
It’s even better than the cheap Teh Herba Orang Kampung. (I know coz that what I took for almost a year when I crash diet back in secondary school)
The agony… ugh… I don’t want to be reminded

Anyhow, the reason why I posted my new target/product is simply to share and motivate.
*Heck, we all have weight prob here and there*
So if you have bowel problem, don’t be shy.
Just buzz me and maybe I’ll try to order some for you as well
*I don’t get anything from it fyi*
Normal price is at RM75 for 15 sachets but I can get it for RM60 from my sister.
I’ll reconfirm if there are any changes okies? XD

Oh! Mama bought a new Oven. YEYYYYYYY!!!!
I can now bake and experiment new recipes! Wheeeeeeee~~~~~~~

Thank you Mamaaaaa XD *hugs*


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