Cream Puff + Puffy Cheek = Puffer Fish

A lot has been happening lately..
open houses..
long distant driving...
and oh! dont get me started on the food.
*It was torturing man... I never knew eating can be so tormenting*
Non stop curry... non stop cookies and cakes *I just ate A LOT of my cousin's home made chocolate brownies last night infact*, non stop nasi briyani...non stop roasted lamb... everywhere I go there'll always be roasted lamb and it's all over my head.
Even the cute little kambing I passed on the way to my late aunt's grave reminds me of the roasted lamb.

"uh! Aya! look at the anak kambing", Nadia pointed out
"Uuuu~~~ *brrrp* Nice Leg.... Yummy Lamb Shank~~~~~"
“cannibal =_=”

I need something for a change.
I want buns..
I want pastry... *the hell with my expanding cheek*
I want spaghetti Arrabiata... T_T
Watching the J-series Bambino is making me hungry.
It was all about chef and pasta.
*Love those series that involves kitchen and food really*

So after another open house today, I decided to go to CP to tapau some Japanese cream puff at Kobe Cream Puff in Palm Square.

Kobe Cream Puff in Centre Point Sabah is the first branch in Malaysia. It was firstly open on the first week of September, which was also during the starting of fasting month *that explains why I’d never tried it before.. heh :P* and sold at Rm2.60 for a big piece.

*peeps... she has the right of portrait.. oh well*

Edited: *omg... if you can't take joke... please leave.. even my grandma is funny*

According to its leaflet, Kobe Cream Puff *click to read their blog*
is a home made, fresh and healthy cream puff. It’s natural, contains no preservative and also available in two flavours i.e. Vanilla and Cappuccino (new).

My invited guest for the day was BB and Nadia XD ...
... and our flavour of the day was Vanilla~

The Verdict?

I’d have to give it a 2.5/5...

Yesh… I’m sorry

I know some of you might like it and go “Oishiiii~~ Umaiiii~~ Kyaaaa XD” and all… but personally, this Kobe Cream Puff just doesn't have the 'kick ass' / 'ummph' taste to it. It's creamy and yummy… I know… but I still think it lacks of something.

*muka PKM.. i know.. heh =P*


Cream Puff is one of my favourite food… so I have higher expectation T_T

Why don’t someone open up a Beard Papa Cream Puff branch here? (Edited: I haven't tried it yet )
It is known as the World’s Best Cream Puffs.. and I’m pretty sure people will start lining up just like how they did when Big Apple Donut came in town XD


Hanis and the rest of them cousins had gone back to KL. I'm so glad that I get to meet them few hours before their flight yesterday at Aunt Ros house.

"Fara, lookie. Furqaan got featured in Times Magazine", said Aunt Ros
"What?" *peeped over*

WoHo~... now ada model baru lah? XD
Cool! *adding to my list*

After constant moving, finally Aunt Rose settle at a house in the Kingfisher area.

I told mama how I love the design and that I might consider finding my future home there.

"Yaaaa~ find a fix job then only think of your dream home", she replied
"Erk =_= Fine. When do you plan to buy oven anyway"
"Nanti laaaaa. It's not that you gonna bake every day. Masuk dapur pun malas"
*pout* "when you come to my house one day, don't be surprise if it's full of delicious pastry! hmmp!"
"Haaaa... pastry only. No Nasi??"
"Nasi? Erk... Go to Cici's house XD"

LOL! This conversation will go on and on and my mom will always try to prove on how my room look like a ship wrack or how lazy I am going into the kitchen to cook.

Hey, fyi, I can* cook. I just don't see the need to show off what I can or what I cannot do, right?????

You know what... don't answer that


Today is Al’s Onnichan Birthday!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

“I want Hannah Tan for my birthday”
“No such thing”
“Ermm… Marion Counter?”
“Tak payah”
“Ok.. ok.. Amber Chia”
“Jangan mengada-ngada”

LOL! Once you’re a Pilot bro, you can meet these three more often then you think.

Now let’s pray!


Happy Birthday Bro!


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