Must.... sleep... ><

My body is aching… still =_=
*It has always been two days late*
Just got out from a refreshing shower and checked myself in the mirror.
Shit! DARK circles.
Argh!! I’m so annoyed!
This* is why I hate overtime / weekend job.

Woke up with a bad headache yesterday morning, went to 1B for press conference, had a ½ hour nap at grandma’s place *am so tired driving back and forth*, attended the Pasta Party in conjunction with the 2008 Borneo International Marathon at nite.. got back.. managed to get almost 3hrs of nap.. woke up again*.. and went to super early breakfast at 3am in Lido *yumm… the nasi lemak there is great* before covering the Marathon itself at 4am.

*During Pasta Party*

Aihs… It’s a pack weekend I must say.
Anyhow, the Marathon is finally over and it went well.

*Full Marathon - 4.30am*

As you can see, I’m video taping the whole day with the heavy video cam.
*I felt it got heavier with my aching wrist*
With Dino Dinosaur around, I get to have both pics AND video at the same time.
Thanks Dino for helping me with the photoshooting and interview session ^^

Other photos taken by Dino:

I met lots and lost of people during this event.
Met the cat woman, the inverted triangle kennysia, red haired Lolita chick, the *rm1000 for every 1km* Lily of Air Asia, the award winning wedding photographer Anna-Rina, my bersemangat colleagues, friends, clients and so many more.

Above all, what I like most about today was riding MamaJagu with my BB.
Since the road closed partially for the event, BB’s bike was the last resort for easy transportation back and forth to cover all 3 categories of the run; starting from Likas Stadium to Sutera Harbour *huggieeesss* ^#^

Whatever it is, will post more pictures soon.
Gonna jump to bed for a short nap before tonight’s open house.


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