On the 1st day of Raya, my true love says to me... "Cari duit raya banyak-banyak~"

When it is Raya, you will have no excuse NOT to eat.
It’s all about open house, family dinner and gatherings

First day of Raya was as usual; get up early in the morning, went to the mosque for Raya prayer *this year none of us girls ‘bocor’ so we were happy to be going together* and get back asap to get ready for family’s ‘berziarah’ practice.

Since Hari Raya is about celebration and also a time for forgiveness, every year, my family will have the ‘berziarah’ practice (literally means ‘to visit’ but in other terms, it also means ‘greet’ or salam) to seek forgiveness and blessings from our parents.

This practice will start with my mom asking forgiveness from my dad (both party will forgive each other), next, followed by me and ends with Nadia.

The luckiest person this year goes to Nadia.
Not only did she received her usual duit raya from my parents and I, this year she also received another brand new packet from Cici XD

Even Pinky got lucky ;)

Anyhow, I honestly love my Hari Raya Fashion for this year.
As you can see, our fashion this year is a bit different than the previous years.
Instead of buying a ready made outfit, we got inspired and designed it ourselves.
The last time we ever design and really wear sedondon like this was when we were little.
The only difference was, back then, we had it in same colour.

Right after 'ziarah', we gotta rush to Istana for TYT’s open house…

…followed by the CM’s open house at Sports Complex and papa’s few other official Raya invitations…

…and ends with my grandma’s house.

As I mentioned before, every Hari Raya, I mostly look forward to my grandma's signature dish, the Ayam Masak German.
Ayam Masak German is like Ayam Masak Merah/Kurma/Kari all mixed in one.
It's totally different I just don't know how to describe it to you.

Even by the time we got to grandma’s house, I noticed that it was almost finish!!! o_O”

*How it got the name is another story for another day*

Nasib my grandma simpan sikit. Kalau tidak… T-T

I also went to Rina’s house and met my sayang there.

Awww… BB look sooooo charming wearing the Baju Melayu ^^ *clicks*

"Fara, with that outfit on him, I have a new muslim name for Julian", says Panja
"and that would be...?"
"Julian @ Ahmad Badawi"
"ROFL!!!!!! XD XD XD"

seeing that outfit and the round face of him... yaha... he does have the Pak Lah look (chinese version of course). LOL!!!

"Hmppp!! I don't want to be Pak Lah!", BB interrupted
"Why? You CAN look like him you know"
"No! I sanggup become Pak Tong than Pak Lah"
"Sigh~~ Whatever makes you happy"

But whatever it is dear, with that* on you, you can take me home XD LOL!!!

My second day of Raya is mostly about visiting people’s open house.
Honestly there were a lot of open house invitations, but my parents can only pick some mainly due to clash of time and location yang bapak jauh.
Plus, with my aunt and cousins are going back to KL tomorrow, Mama organized a mini family BBQ *which happened just an hour ago* and had so much fun! *especially our usual cerita hantu session*

Now that I feel sooo gooey & belengas,
I am off for a night shower ^^

Brrrr~~~~ Nite2~


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