Cosplay gone wrong

“Hey dude, I know where you can get your cosplay outfit already", said BB to Dino
“Hey that’s great. I gotta work on my arm”
*boys talk session*
“Boys.. what do you plan to cosplay for the second day?”, as usual, I budged in
“Am thinking of One piece”
“The Luffy guy? Ngam sama ko!!!”
“or maybe cosplay as one of Naruto's Akatsuki member… I dunno”
“I want Itachi” / “I want Itachi”
“=_=” (How come same one)
“Dino, you mana ngam Itachi. You ngam jadi the shark man” (Kisume)
“NOOO…. I don’t want to be the shark guy!!! Do I look like HIM??!!! I want Itachi!”
Julian can go with Itachi coz he has the hairstyle. You don’t. You’re tall and have spiky hair. You’re the shark guy. You guys are gay buddy anyways…always walk together like those two”
“Erk!!! ><”

After I buttered him up with compliments on how he can be the FIRST macho Kisame, he agreed.


So guys… on the day of the HobbyCon (Hobby Convention),
please watch out for these two turning from this:

To this:

*omg…. I’m laughing my heart out doing this shit*

Have YOU planned on what to cosplay?


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