You gotta have THAT poker face...

...well... that is if you play a game like UNO, Chess OR my new soon to be card game addiction.... the CITADEL XD

It was crazy okaaaaaaay.... XD
Rainer accused me of having a ‘psycho’ face coz I can pull a poker face easily. Hoho.
*oh~ am loving this game.. and no Rainer… Julian was the one who got last… not moi~*
MUST play AGAIN! Wheeee~

I’m basically half paralyze from all the 3 days of non stop squash and Frisbee o_O”
I hope I can move tomorrow else my DJ work will be screwed.

Sabah vfm is having a ‘kraftangan malaysia’ quiz tomorrow (that is Sunday).
So if you want to win some prizes, stay tune to 92.7 (if you’re in kk) between 11am-2pm aight?

BB & I actually planned to spend time by watching the musical fireworks at 1B yesterday TOGETHER... *mau menghayati lah konon* but unintentionally got seperated in the end while busy taking photos and videos... =_="

Both of us have been very occupied with work this week.
Finally get to spend a bit more time with each other today. Yey XD

As for the Musical Fireworks... like I said... I didnt have any high expectations XD
It was only about... what?.. less than 10 mins?
BB will post up some shots soon..


TOYS R US has finally opened in KK.
Omg... there are LOTS of game I wanted to buy and no...
Barbie collections are not included.
Am more to those... like Rainer said... using "Psycho'logy type of games, card games, music items, and some boys toy *kof kof* like Legos and cars XD

But now, am gonna stick to card games or maybe those bubbles, cute and colourful stuff I feel like buying. Legos, Cars, Race tracks, Spiderman and other man-man will remain as childhood memories.

OH! OH~!
My girls and I thought of some crazy ideas last week XD
So guys… watch out for Monday coz I* am gonna post a special quiz then.


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