Boo! Happy Halloween 2008 XD

It’s late ><” but here is the post-event of this year’s Halloween XD

As you know, I went to Jade for their Halloween Costume Party.
Goodness knows I was quiet blur on what to wear, so I had to consult my ‘cosplay’ taiko Marissa and she suggested me to dress as the She-Devil.
Since it was a one day thing and I didn’t want to spend a lot, I recycle back whatever I have in my closet and tada~

Owh Mama~ LOLX


We had fun. I* had fun.
I’m not sure how many times I laughed and awed by looking at some of the funny masks and cool costumes around, but all in all, it was all a result of semangat ke’halloween’ness for Jade XD

First of all, this is shota boy Dennis wearing the Osama mask and Dino Dinosaur with his evil sot pirate mask.

We also have bad-ass witches in the house; Marissa, Selina, Bev and Irene

Cool as ever Ki-chan became the oh-so-cool vampire, the magnificent
Count Lyrehc XD

Seriously, I too would’ve taken her as my second husband if she was a guy XD

The one with the hood was Rainer.
*I didn’t recognise him at first XD*

This ‘serial-rappist’ made me laughed a lot especially when he tried to stick his tongue out of the mask and bite his lips.

Yaish! Look so gay man! Hahahahahaha!!!! XD

…err.. Cubex was the molested ‘Scream’ killer by the way XD

You said what?
you want some hot sexy maid?
I* give you sexy maid…
I give you TWO french sexy maid!
Nah! Here’s and Jacq. Ambek kau! Reow~

Apart from human beings… we also have the animal impersonator XD

From the fierce werewolves….

To a cute joker kitty cat… *meow?*

Anyway, here are some of the line ups for the black and white theme of the night…

and oh!, don’t forget the hawt lines of red She-Devils… *pstttt~

With all these chicks around, no wonder David Beckham visited Jade XD

*uish.. seriously… who is this dude? He really looks like david Beckam XD*

We also experienced huru hara when these two sawan man and an evil witch appear out of no where trying to kill people.....

… and also some butt poking session XD

Above all, what I like most about this year’s Halloween is that when you become a She-Devil, making the boys bow down to you is just a piece of cake. Full Stop.


Want MORE Halloween costume/cosplayer? Click below:

Jacq, Selina, Jack, Edgar 1/3, Edgar 2/3

*will add more links soon*

All photo here are credits to Edgar, Jack, Ki-Chan, WC/Jacq, & Selina.

Thanks you guys! *hugs*


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