PKM siot...

<< Because of Stye, this is how my right eye appear to be this morning.
<< and this* is how my face looks like after bitten by the stupid bitch sand flies yesterday.

The stye problem is a first time for me which* I don’t fret much.
As for the PKM sand fly bite, yeah.. I have BIG problem with it.
Coz it’s the 2nd time after I was bitten last year somewhere in Nexus!!!

Back then I didn’t know what went wrong & thought I was growing small pimples.
But after 5 days or so, my face beginning to look like a mini pepperoni pizza!!!!!!
I'm serious!!! (shit… typing this is ruining my appetite).

Then why do I bitch so much about these bites you ask?

Coz It leave scars!!! That’s whyyyyyy!!! *tormented by the past*

So I went to see the doctor in Damai…

Was hoping to meet Dr. Kheng; instead, a locum doctor was in charged.
He seemed very familiar but I decided to skip that one for now.

As usual, I was asked the typical intro question:

“So what can I help you with?”
“I was bitten by sand fly”
“And how did the sand fly got you?”
*from my house… =_=…. of course from the beach lar bongok!*
“Err… well… I went 2d BEACH to play Frisbee with frens and that’s WHERE I got it”
“And where did the sand fly bit you?”
“On my cheek”
“And whyyyyy did it target your cheek?”
“o_O…. well I DON’T KNOW! Ask the SAND FLY!”

Omg… what a night =_=


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