I want cinta you

I was just about to catch my breath, watching some movie trailers when my intern came up to me and say....

"I want cinta you"

"you want what?"
"I want cinta you"
"you want to cinta me?"
*laughs* "Nooo! I want cinta you.. the song!"
"You mean 'JENTAYU' "
"Yayaya!. The song.. cinta you"

Omg. I laughed my head off.

Fyi, Jentayu is an old Sheila Majid song.
He heard it during our event rehersal this morning.
Lucky he didnt go and ask that to somebody else.

Anyhow, I left Mars a love message b4 I went off...

"Marissa... I want cinta you"


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