Bit3Lips in progress

O.. my gosh...

Am currently sorting out all the clothes for Bit3Lips "SAWAN" garage sale.
And mind you, these bunch of tops and bottoms, bags, formal wear, pant suit, dresses, skirts, caps, bags, shoes, kids clothe and accessories are just my part.
Haven't added those from Marissa, J.Na, Ki-Chan, Bev, Eeza, Adel, and others.

Oh! I’d also like to invite you guys to join our Bit3Lips facebook group.

A Bit3Lips “SAWAN” garage sale promo poster will be uploaded tomorrow night.. so you guys.. who I know VERY HELPFUL and KIND *am asking this with a lot of stars in my eyes* can use the poster to promo in your blog later or wherever possible lah XD

Anyhow, the girls are considering on doing it both day, next weekend (29th & 30th November) at Dino's place *again... will confirm by tomorrow night*
Reason being, if we are to do it in December... our schedule will be packed with activities e.g. Hobbycon, Christmas, Holiday and bla bla bla.
Plus, it's the end of the month, and I know most of you will be loaded with moneyyyyy. Buahahahahaha!
*sorry... got carried away*

I mean seriously, even as I am categorising the collections right now, I'm very sure lots of you guys might want what I'm holding now.
I see branded items, sexy dresses, tops, jeans, even the 80s fashion, XL-XXL size formal/office wear, brands from MnG, Nicole, Guess, PDI,
Esprit, International brand and LOTS MORE!
Even the price is VERY AFFORDABLE. E.g. Accesories starting from RM2, Clothes starting from RM10.
PS: I booked 2 Tops, 1 Dress, 2 Jeans and 1 pants already
*omg.. i can't believe I tapau a Jeans for Rm10 only and it fit me PERFECTLY!!!*

Anyhow, back to topic... Surely I'll be posting the map to his house A.S.A.P
It's located in Taman Hilltop in Lintas Area, the area opposite Lintas Plaza.
So whatever it is, stay tune peeps.
For the time being, spread the word! Onegai Shimasu! XD


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