Bit3Lips is born

The title refers.

Another task down... zillions to go.

We had a quick photoshoot at Jofanna Bridal Studio few hours ago *thanks joj/nana* and really hoping that Bit3Lips can be pulled off as smoothly as possible.

*Picture taken by my noobs Kenji XD*

As mentioned in my previous post, the CSP girls and I are planning to organize a fashion junkyard/garage sale somewhere in December. Part of the objective is obviously to unleash and clear our wardrobe, earn extra money for ourselves and most importantly, raise as much fund as we can to support our next garage sale in the future.

Bit3Lips now invites all of you out there who are residing in KK (Kota Kinabalu), man, woman, gay, straight *wth XD?* to dig up your closet, lift up your headache and kindly donate us your clothes/ fashion accessories/ bags/ shoes/ caps/ anything related *pretty please… let it still be in good condition*.

Date and venue will be confirmed soon.

So for those who wish to participate in this sale and make extra money are also welcome :)

For donation and/or further information, kindly email us at regarding your interest and I’ll brief you on how it goes.

As for the girls, thank you for your time in the studio earlier. You guys are the ‘sawan’ness ;) *this goes the same to Chucky, Edgar, Jess and Dennis for helping out*.

Hopefully Bit3Lips will be successful *cross fingers*.


gave Serena a surprise visit from Lahad Datu this afternoon.
She was extremely happy that she squealed loudly in the parking lot.
The irony was, we were just talking about Jim over lunch and later, there he was in our office parking lot, sitting in his car, waiting for Serena with roses in his hand XD
Soooo sweeeeetttttt ^^
I watched them in full of awwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed~~~~~~~

“Oi, sudah! What are you looking at??? Mari naik atas!”, --- Marissa
“But I wanna seeeee~~~~~” --- Me
“Leave them alone! Mari naik!!!!”
“huhu…. T____T *kijams* ”


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