Crimson Kiss

Happy Birthday Cici!!!

My sister turns +1 today
We went to grandma’s house for a short bday celebration just now before sending her to another bday ‘surprise’ organised by her friends.

Mama got her a perfume.
Nadia, as always, bought her variety of stuff in a packet.
I got her a new edition of
MAC lipstick and eye colour.
Zilla and Jeal on the other hand bought her a wallet that she's been dying to buy and a plush.

Now, her baby pinky bear got a new blue gajah belalai pendek friend.
The belalai is so short and cute hence reminds me of a newly born baby boy.

Will post the photos tomorrow coz I left my camera in the car.
As usual, too lazy to run down to get it.


Am sitting now in front of my lappie watching gossip girl/blogging while waiting for GG to buffer and load..
Dozed of few minutes whilst typing this very sentence…
*am too stuffed from eating lotsa chicken… nyum nyum nyum*
If it weren’t for my wet hair, I would’ve jump straight to bed and sleep.
But then again, there's no need to suggest a hair dryer coz my butt still glued to the chair XD


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