Is the idea of "everyone's doing it" worth doing it?

Like buying cool gadget just bcoz everybody owns one.
or having a bf just because you see people 'PDA'ing and TLC'ing' around you.
or simply... do stuff to not be isolated from a group..

"Just speak up and let others know your boundaries lar", I said
"I did. I told them he is just a friend. All these teasing make him
more pressure and SS to have a relationship"

"Been there, done that, still am. It's a same old story called peer pressure."
"I don't want to create misunderstanding. But kesian lah juga. "
"Don't. Just be assertive but not preachy"

Daymn... Today is such an annoying day.

Gossiping with my baby sis is always a breath of fresh air.
Reminds me of my college years.
I mean.. seriously. Peer pressure will never stop anyway.
People will constantly urge you to do things you don’t want to do.
Some minor stuff is still.. well.. pretty harmless.
Like going to a club.
Have fun.
You HAVE a choice to drink or not to drink.
Even when those pressure moves up to your core value, you STILL have a choice.
Who cares if they call you boring.
If you drunk and got into accident, it’s not really their problem is it?
Or if you get laid and pregnant, not their problem either.
If they are friends, they will show that they care but at the end of the day, the problem is still yours.
Am not saying I'm a saint but if peer pressure positively affects you, do it.
Like sports.
Man I hate running last time.
It's a self development you know.
If it doesn't, your choice.
You can never really force a person to change unless they want to.
So what to do?
If I'm asked what I wish for, really, I'd wish...
That's alright..
I'll keep it to myself.


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