Ohohohoho.... I've been neglecting my blog because of this XD

I know... *smack self*

I can only enjoy myself this week coz next week is = hell


A late post, but here some photos from Cici’s bday (my sis):

*Bday Gal*

*Kamal, Cici and Casel*

*present from Jel & Zilla. Now all of them have a set of chibi-elephant XD*

*birthday card posted by AL*


Marissa brought a new figurine.
It’s cute AND has yaoi factor. Ohohohoho! *evil laugh*


Whaaaat? XD
Don’t look at me.
Blame Serena.
She has successfully dragged me into the world of Yaoi. Ohohohohoho XD


Oh. Make sure to go to Imperial Hotel for lunch.
Their new set lunch is great.
Value for money I kid you not.

During the launching, fellow bloggers and photographers also got to try em.

*what happen to taking picture of the food???*

*omg... look at Anna's bicep... tabik ko perempuan*

Anyhow... This is the new set lunch menu. MUST GO!

Nyuuuuummmmmm~~~~ *droooolllls* XD


Ok! Done.
Back to J-Series.


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