*StubZ *StubZ *StubZ

I should be doing my work right now, rushing for deadlines and all,
but my brain is just not functioning =_=

My head is currently jumbled up with:


..and all these excites me more than anything else.

What is it you asked? Well, guess u'll have to wait ;)

Am currently taking my baby steps to really make these 3 happen and I'll be needing all the help I can get around me.

Wish me luck! ^^


Will be covering Harith Iskander Nationwide Comedy Tour tonight.
*Thanks a bunch Missy for including us :)*
With that, I gotta sacrifice my time for squash *nyaaaa XD I want to sweat!* and watching Rainer do his song recording in the studio.


The CSP girls and I are planning to organise a one day junkyard/garage sale.

For those of you who have friends or family interested in getting rid of all those old clothes and accessories, gimme a buzz at my email (bobidom@yahoo.com) and I'll brief you on it.

Please note that this junkyard/garage sale will happen somewhere in December (Year End Sale) and only available for those who resides in Kota Kinabalu ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Start unleashing your wardrobe XD!!!!


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