It's Bond... King Julian Bond

Do you know the time when you always get a tune in your head
right after watching a certain movie?
Well, Julian got the ‘James Bond’ thing going on in his head right
after we watched quantum of solace.
He tried to talk like bond.
Walk like bond.
Stand up straight like bond….
He even told me to switch my ring tone to James Bond theme whenever he calls.
Mmmm…. I’d say… yes… But only after 6 months from now…

“Why 6 months?”

“Coz I presume that’s when your workout will show obvious result”
“Oookaayyy.. Then switch your ringtone to Madagascar theme”
“Why Madagascar?”
“Haha *smirks* Coz king JULIAN sings it!”


I'd say...

Har… har… har…


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