Boutique Cupcakes & Wan's Kitchen!

Am all geared up for Boutique cupcakes 5000 mission project this weekend *yey*
Now that the press interview is done,
we're left with the production and fun filming during the making.
Gosh! It's gonna be stressful but super fun! *can't wait*

Boutique cupcakes is creatively designed and baked by Angeline Han.
Angeline Han ( used to work a decade in the finance industry) and Mei Wong (owner of Cube Restaurant) are the founder of this brand.
Both of them are young lady entrepreneurs and have tons of passion for cupcakes!
Hence, out of the blue, they created Boutique Cupcakes and make an online business in facebook starting November 2009, UNTIL Angeline's Kitchen cant cope with the order no more.

With the increasing demand day by day, they decided it's finally time to open up the 1st Boutique cupcake outlet in Sabah.*yeyyyy*
Renovation is in progress now at shop no. 45 & 46, Lintas Station.

Above is only 1 unit.
It is located right at the corner near the triangle roundabout.

I know... another cupcake shop (Cupcake Calendar) which belongs to Akademi Fantasia celebrity (Velvet & Rich) will be opening soon too.. and they are just few shops away from Boutique Cupcakes =_=.
Though it's gonna be a tough competition, I truly believe Angeline and Mei's Boutique Cupcake has their own specialty... and fyi... they have few secret weapon too. Hua hua hua.

Please visit Boutique Cupcakes blog here.
Oh! And look out for their banner with their new logo hang in their shop and at Lintas Station in few days away! ;)

If you guys want to sample on Boutique Cupcakes, you can always drop them a message at their FB here (

Here are some samples of what they did before.

WARNING: (ONE) 1 mature content below

Aha... ><"
Even kinky ones for bachelor's party hahahaha!
I warned you about this picture XD

You can view more in their online FB photo gallery.

Here is their flyer:


Looking at my schedule, this weekend will be super packed with food production and selling.

After helping out Mei & Angeline with Boutique Cupcakes, imma proceed to my grandma's house to help her make kueh and arrange the brochures and other stuffs before HER big day during the weekend (Wisma Wanita building launching on 17th & 18th July 2010).

Yeap! My grand-mama is distributing 100 package of her kueh for the VVIPs and also selected to open up stall there Saturday and Sunday.

I printed bunch of flyers, name cards and stickers to build her 'brand' i.e. Wan's Kitchen.

If only I knew what I know now...
I would've done so much for her *and myself*.
She deserves it after all hew hard work all these years ;)

Do drop by to Wisma Wanita building if you guys are free ;)
If you don't know where Wisma Wanita is, click here.

You can also order her kueh for any occasions i.e. Bday party, Meetings, Office bday, Kenduri, government/private events or whatever in Wan's Kitchen facebook here.

One of her famous signature kueh is Puteri Dua Sebilik...

The term 'Puteri' or princess is to signify the two sweet coconut fillings inside one room or 'bilik'. The filling of Puteri Dua Sebilik is similar to another favourite malay Kueh - 'Kueh Koci' except that Kueh Koci has only one sweet filling.

Some say, it is a Kueh Lesbian HAHAHAHHA!
Izan is so funny XD

Kueh Bengka

Kueh Cucur Badak

Kueh Cara Berlauk
Kueh Pulut Seri Muka

Many have tried to copy my grandma's Pulut Seri Muka's green custard.
But none resulted having the same texture as hers.
Some are as hard as rock.. or too soft and gooey ^_^

Imma bring Kueh Pulut Seri Muka DURIAN flavour tomorrow for my colleagues.
I didn't know that people will order like crazy after i put the durian flavour in Wan's Kitchen FB @_@
Now am starting to pity the original flavour of Pulut Seri Muka haha! XD

Here's more home cooking selections...

Nasi Ayam Percik

Nasi Ayam Paksu

Nasi Ayam Masak German (a name my late grandpa playfully created)

Mee Kuah Wan

You can also get her brochure here:

Wan's Kitchen only supply for caterers and events.
So don't be confuse with catering business as they only do kueh/home cooking supplying :)

Thank you to all who has been supporting so far :)
I really appreciate it :)


BB will be around this week *yey*

Side promo =P:

BB is working with W group now.
So if you have any friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family or whoever interested in investing on properties i.e. apartment and shop lots, please call Julian at 0168477896.
Those who assist him to get a confirmed prospect will get a commission as well ;)
So yeah... win win situation ;)


Oh! I finally tasted Kahve at 1 Borneo.
I kept on mesmerized by the interior design but not so much on the menu.
But after tasting it... hey.. not bad ;)

I had Colonel Chicken Chop, RM11.30.

The chicken is meaty, and they use thin fried egg for the outer crust.
So i felt less guilty XD
I also requested them to substitute the fries to mashed potato instead.
Very soft and moist!

Nadia had Grilled Black pepper Chicken Chop.
I liked hers the most.
The gravy is nice, and very filling too!

BB on the hand had Ham Sandwich for light snack.
They used whole meal bread instead of normal bread.
I think it cost around RM5+.
Taste-wise, a-ok.

Ok.. enough with the food. *am getting hungrier*
Gotta get back to work.
New management is scary. Must work harder.


4 Responses to "Boutique Cupcakes & Wan's Kitchen!"

Mel-C said... July 14, 2010 at 11:12 AM

*shields niece's eyes*


Uh.. maybe a bit of warning/caution for 'mature content'. All in all, congrats to Wan (her internet debut) and be sure to take me to this Cupcake Boutique when I return :D

Aya said... July 14, 2010 at 2:21 PM

LOL!!! Mel.. sudah. Hahaha! Thanks for the reminder.

sweet-girlicious said... July 19, 2010 at 9:53 PM

eweeeee..hahhahahah bachelors' cup cakes..ahahahhaha that was totally funny and freaky..ahhaha i can't imagine how people going to eat that..ahhahhaha

bren said... July 27, 2010 at 10:10 AM

Hi I'd like to order from Wan's kitchen for my office makan this coming Monday. I've sent email to wanskitchen. Thanks


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