It's 1am and my brain is too active to sleep...

had a long day today.
feeling so sticky all over i just HAD to grab a quick shower.




Ok am back.

I heard Trisha's meowing... >_>

Nadia said she's horny.
Hrmm... that's amazing... coz she's still.. small @_@

But come to think again, even high school kids can get horny... so.. yeah.

Nadia locked her up coz her taste in male cats are so weird.
Of all the other cats, she chose the kucing hitam berkurap.

To spay.. or not to spay.
She has her own needs too you know.. ?
and i feel so sinful to take it away from her :(
Imagine you can't have sex for the rest of your life @_@
That's just.. sad.
but.. eww.. her taste in male cats are so bidak!

Will think about it later.


Had a chat with my grandma yesterday.
After analyzing her situation, i just got to do something to help; whatever i can do to assist her with her business.. at least more... systematically.
I have helped lots of people (especially in cleaning up their shit), so it's time for me to help my own family.
Her customers is getting ridiculous day by day =_=

Created an FB page for her.

I have pretty good idea of how ANNOYING i must have been to lots of people i added.
I sincerely apologise for not introducing myself as i just added people on impulse, especially those whom FB recommended from the person i personally added.
Plus, there's no FB indication of adding personal message when it was recommended automatically by them.
You have FB, you should know.

To be honest, I never expected 100% to respond to the request as I myself have ignored countless of people i don't know till today, except those who might be beneficial to my future networking.
If you are annoyed much (sorry again) and found that I was rude (geez.. gila paranoid nak mampos), just ignore (as some others did) or make it simple: delete the fucking page off.
There's no reason for me to get offended as i perfectly understand why if you don't.
It's a small matter and not a big deal.
So if i don't make a big deal out of it, you should not make a fuss over it too.
Gila kecoh macam nak runtuh satu dunia.
Bukannya mati if you're not in it.
(Argh! Kecoh and drama people is much more annoying than anything else. They just don't know how to drop a subject. Bodoh!)

After what happened this month, I do must thank lots of people for making me realise again that i somehow need to concentrate on my own set of friends and network (not that i don't have any now, but thanks for the kind reminder).

To sum myself as a person: I am a boss here, a partner there, a kuli somewhere and a volunteer elsewhere. I have sooo many things to do in a minute and 24 hours sometimes is just not enough. I guess my part of entertaining/organising/assisting/trying to please everyone and doing things for other people more than myself, should be put a stop starting now.

I might also need to remind myself to stop being the back bone or continue working behind the scene coz... gosh... people just need to see things to believe in what you're doing or what you've done.
Else, they just won't appreciate any of your hardwork and contribution at all, even the littlest thing.
Or worse, which keeps on happening again and again (and i'm growing tired and sick of it) is that.. other people will get the credits and you're just labeled as ...

Plain invisible or loner.

In Nadia's expression: Dowh~
What's the point right?

I know...
I learned too much stuff at a later time coz of my naivity and high optimism, trust and hope in people.
Delayed life education as i'd like to call it =P
Oh well.
In papa's reaction: "What to do? Nothing to do" XD

I missed the time when I just got back from KL,
start fresh and just socialize with new people with less drama.
It was definitely great back then.

But let's just snap out of it and face it.
Ignoring situations is just running away from it.
Reality bites.


Ergh.. there Trisha go again.
Her meowing is so annoying!

Keropok for dinner is definitely not enuff.


3 Responses to "It's 1am and my brain is too active to sleep..."

maslight said... July 1, 2010 at 7:40 AM

Oi, jangan makan keropok malam malam, tambah lapar tu. Btw, stop pampering others and pamper urself please, workaholic butul oh ni p'puan.

HAHAHHAHAH kesian ur cat. Xda kucing jantan ka at ur house?

Aya said... July 1, 2010 at 10:11 AM

mas: maybe i should start doing that too :) must learn to follow ur footstep hehehehe XD No kucing jantan lain... got the hitam berkurap yang so eww only... Trisha use to bite ppl's hand and being very naughty. Now... if you ter-touch her back.. she angkat2 terus.. =_=

Cath J said... July 1, 2010 at 6:10 PM

Hahahha... funny reading on your Trisha.. ^_^


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