Looking at my new blog header, i want to fall in love with Julian all over again :)

See my new blog header? Muehehe.
I simply cropped a wallpaper from Creative CG Design Wallpaper and add 'Kuku' And 'Jiao' dating in the picture (Thanks Rina :-*)
Now they'll never go missing again XD
Edited: Naith! I changed the expression to his ACTUAL personality. LOL!

Been sleeping for two nights in a row with Trisha.
Now that Nadia gone back to campus and BB went off for outstation in Tawau on the same day last Sunday, Trisha is the only one left for me to drag and play in my room! *heh =p*
Oh that reminds me..
her dry food is finished.
Need to do some grocery shopping later with Nadia after gym.

On my up to office after getting the CCTV boxes for Boutique Cupcakes,
i stumbled upon one err... person... whom i rarely talk to, so to speak.
The only thing we talked about before (or more like I was asked by this person every time we walk to the same direction) is who I'm going out with currently.
Then out of the blue, I was asked with the same question again.... for the THIRD time in 6 months!
"So.... still the same boyfriend?"
I was a bit dumbfounded with it and asked "of course. lol. what's with the question?"
"Oh... It's just like you don't look like a person who has 1 bf lol"
"@_@ (l.o.l my foot) aaaa..... okay..."
I mean seriously.
There are zillion other topics we can talk about but this?
Do i LOOK like i switch partners every month?

I know that most of the time, people mistook my look as being linsi or unfriendly.. but for those who know me, it's totally 180 degree opposite and (I don't mean to boast here), I'm super friendly, loving and like to smile... A LOT!

Iphone 4 is coming out soon,
but some friends recommended HTC Legend as well.
Hrmm.. what should i get?
HTC legend is cheaper and have somewhat same application,
Iphone 4 on the other hand has more fun application... but the downside is you have to subscribe a contract with maxis, more expensive and can get overcharged if you overly use the data (internet)
*help?* XD


3 Responses to "Looking at my new blog header, i want to fall in love with Julian all over again :)"

Anonymous said... July 7, 2010 at 6:18 AM

the squid doesn't look the part of Julian lah Aya... it needs to have the "I'm in heaven" uncontrolled-drool... while groping girl sotong! YEAAAAHHHHHHH

Aya said... July 7, 2010 at 11:01 AM

LOL!!!!!! Ya lor... not the same definitely haha. The 2 sotong is actually for the sotong key chain he gave me XD Hrmm... i think i should modify the facial expression hahahaha! But no groping!

◦● べバリー●◦ said... July 10, 2010 at 9:18 PM

I love the banner!!! Damn cute!!!! Make one banner for me!! hahah!!
Cute sotong lurve~


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