Nosy Parker

I've got email from Penny telling that all sabah vfm part timer
is now gonna get only 1 DJ duty slot per month.


Sigh~ There goes my "aku kaya" plan now. Cis!

I've been going home early lately. *Feels weird*
Been pondering about few things these few days and dozed off few
times when I think too hard.
(Haha. Macam robot. Brain malfunction)

*tries to think optimistic*

Friend's experience got me thinking that being nosy can actually hurt you.
You'll feel more insecure... Your judgement will go
AND... you'll always be sad.... Seriously...

Just take life easily and be happy aight?
Coz it's not that hard really.
Just remember the 3R's:
Respect for self;
Respect for others; and
Responsibility for all your actions.

Ok... I know.. it can be hard sometimes

But you can always try ^^

BB is having quiet a .... kureng week lately.
*Runs to get Ipod... click play to Jessey McCartney - Leaving*

Singing~ "don't stress~ don't stress~ don't stress~"



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