not a piece of junk

You might have thought that this junkie is just a piece of junk, no?
Well not for me.
Do you know that it’s so hard to find this thing nowadays?

There was the other day when I carelessly forgot my handphone in the ofc.
And I searched endlessly for a pay phone to make an important call.
I couldn’t find it and I was SO DAMN PISSED

And today, when MAXIS suddenly decided to cut off all network in Sabah for 24 hours without warning,
*my family couldn’t contact me
*my client couldn’t reach me
*Julian couldn’t call or text me either

Thank goodness Citymall still has a pay phone intact near Guardian.

Else, I’ll be honking around Hilltop with Piper’s sad honk sound.
Sedeyyy~ =_=”


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