Mr. & Mrs. Ku

Its 5 minutes to Wednesday and I haven’t even packed for my trip to Kuching.
Malas ooo…

I must bring:

*The obvious and the essentials
*Ms. Ferrari
*Rainforest World Music Fest Tix
*Broadband kit
*My soul a.k.a I must finish my undone little2 things before I go

Oh! Mr. and Mrs. Ku (Chinyit and Irene) wedding went well.
And during the wedding, I learned that Julian’s plum twin in the office was actually weak to alcohol.
He went ku-ku after few drinks and went lap dance with the girls except Mars.
Come on… Not because she’s not hot. Geez.
It’s because Mars's eye turned evil red and produced black and blue and purple and kame-hame-ha aura around her whenever he tried to drag her to dance with him.
Padan muka kau.

The garden Wedding

Yeah baby! I got my Green Tea Ice-cream desu!

Yati.. the Match Maker


Especially U* STARBUCKS Man!
Now gimme MY* Starbucks for a change! Else I'm printing this poster out and SPAM IT! Buahahahahhaha!

Chopped specimen


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