I hate stray dogs

I stayed in the office till 7pm today and walked alone at the carpark *scary*
Stupid stray dogs. They're everywhere at my office car park.
They sanggup tu… got up from their beauty sleep just to run and bark at me.
I had to pretend that I was picking up a rock or something 3 times just to
threaten as if ala-ala I’m gonna throw a bomb at them
*how i wish*.
If I’m not SPCA member, I sure *tut* you for sure sucka! Grrrr

Aaaaaanyhow~~~… I survived my second day Detox Diet +
1st day of Rejab month fasting. Ho HO ho

The breakfast I made (sahur) this morning was quiet filling & lasted me whole day.
(minus the tempting biscotti
Rina bought *kicks Rina* and the last minute call for
lunch at Imperial Hotel by Papa
Dino *kicks Dino *)

Thank you all for giving me the list of shops on where I can find
Sliced Fish Soup
especially to Gina.
You see.... Gina suggested me to go to Sunny Garden.
After googling it up, I stumbled upon Jacq’s KK food blog and also
Swordie Bloggie Blog.
Humm~ Humm~ Humm~ ^^ Both looks yummy.
Are they both from the same shop? Sang Teng kah the name?
I have yet to find out their business hours and price.
Hope they don’t serve pork *cross fingers*

I finally watched Nana 2 the Movie *thanks mars… muaks muaks muaks* and Natsume Yuujin-Cho *thanks serena… Muaks muaks muaks*. Hihihihi… I like!


Detox Diet: 2/20 days

Super Duper Smoothies = Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink + Plain Yoghurt + 2 Bananas + Oat

Lunch & Snacks:
NO FOOD (Fasting)

Buka Puasa (‘Break’ Fast)
2 Bananas + Inner Detox Drink

Vegetable + Fish Soup at The Hut

Ps: That’s it! Am gonna go to Tong Hing, shop for sliced fishes and cook sendiri.
Damn mahal man makan luar.


Detox Diet

After reading few articles & following sensei Mars,
I've decided to start a 20-days detox diet;
and just to keep track on what I eat, I'll post my daily menu here.

But eating fruits and yoghurt every time is menyeksakan.
I want meaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!

My sis and I will also undergo our last minute 'Puasa Bulan Rejab'
(Rejab = 7th month of Islamic Calendar) 2moro
before it ends on 2nd Aug this year.
So fasting + detox diet... I need more meat. Huhuhuhu.

The last time I checked, fish is allowed during this sorta diet.
*thinking lee wong kee… yummmm…*
Can someone please tell me where I can find sliced fish soup here
in KK without noodle inside.


Detox Diet: 1/20 days

Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink & 2 Bananas

Fressh Muesli Banana


Yofruit (Yoghurt & Pamelo + Mango + Papaya)

Ps: Geeeez.... during this 20 days I'll make Fressh kaya man.



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