Am off to beach wedding party

Hihi.... I cant wait for tonight .. really ^^
Chinyit is so smart to custom order tonight's food.
Green Tea Ice Cream.... Wheeeee~~~ ^^
Tiramisu Cake... Double Wheeeeeeeee~~~~ ^^
BBQ food Woot~ Woot~
The Beach wedding party is gonna rock!

Oh! I've found my 1 Borneo/Warisan Square Platinum Card ^^

What's with this week anyway?
I've stumbled and found all of my missing stuff.
Cards... Clothes... Gadget... People... Yeah.. people
A week... even months ago I was like Sandy Shortt in
Cecelia's Ahern Novel
'A Place Called Here'.
I can't stop wondering where are all the missing things gone to.
But of course. Am not that obsessed like her.

Anyhow, if anyone seen Cecelia Ahern's new novel 'Thanks for the Memories' and also 'The Gift' which suppose to be out this year.... do let me know yeah ^^

Nadia is back for the weekend.
LOL! Poor girl.
I'm giving her full access to Ms. Ferarri and play her maple online all day.

As of tomorrow night... all the burden on my shoulder for this month will be lifted.
*nervous*cross fingers*takuuuuuuuuuuuut*

Am gonna be late.


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