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It's 10 more days to Hari Raya and that means i have 10 more days to enjoy the fasting months as much as i can :) I don't know how to describe it , but the feeling is very much different than normal days.

In most days, when you have nothing to do, all you do is eat. e.g. while waiting for a movie showtime, you find a cafe to sit down and eat. When you slouch in front of the tv and have nothing to do... again, you find something to eat. During fasting month, you get to discipline, plus, save money! Bonus is, you get to spend time with your family during break fast and enjoy every single food served on the table ;)

Anyhow, lemme share some other meals i had for last week :)


THIS is XL burger my friends raved about in Asia city bazaar ramadhan.

Unfortunately, it was sold out the minute i got ther *sobs* :(
So i had black pepper cheese burger instead.

Hrmm.. it tasted.. owwwwkay~~~
Nothing to shout about.
It kinda remind me of new york new york.
You know... Big thick bun, but thin filling.

This burger only appeared big coz of the overly cooked egg crust covering the beef patty.
So overall, am not so impressed.
Maybe i should try the XL burger.
It might taste better, who knows ;)

We also bought Nasi Briyani from one of the stalls.
What caught our eyes were the BIG juicy mamak fried chicken.

Last Sunday, out of the blue, i missed the home cooked pan mien made by BB's mom in Seremban.
So instead flying over to Seremban, BB brought me to Wisma merdeka to eat their Pan Mien instead XD

It was nice, but not something to shout about nonetheless.
Just enough to cover my cravings :)
BB ordered Kon lou mee, but they got the order mixed up and Pan mien Kon lou mee arrived instead. Oh well.

As i've been eating and eating with no gym during Ramadhan month, I decided to take the initiative to drag my heavy ass back to gym.

Been going for about 3 days in a row now and i felt really good and less guilty when i indulge in food *muehehe*
40 minutes of cardio while watching the ANTM recaps on HTC and another 30 minutes yoga and stretching with BB.
What a bliss :)

After today's gym, BB and I went to Fresco where Luna rossa restaurant use to be (in Jesselton point);

Oh~ Fresh from gym~
Please excuse my no make up face hua hua XD

We ordered a pizza, a pasta and a dessert.
Upon ordering, we were given a complimentary bun with a tomato based dipping sauce.

15-20 minutes after lots of cam-whoring, our food finally arrived.

First of is the Pizza :)
We ordered Beef Pepperoni pizza called Diavola, RM25.90

The pizza was ok, but like i said, not great. I've tasted better.
Even BB who don't mind eating bland food thought it was pretty bland for a pizza standard.
But don't take my word for it, coz different people has different taste bud.
It might work for you but not for us.
Maybe that's the reason why there's salt and pepper on each table XD

Next came the Tagliatelle alla carbonara, RM25.90

This i may say the worst carbonara sauce i've ever had.
Instead of creamy and cheesy taste, it felt more like a mashed creamy egg covering the pasta with some beef bacon.
And guess what, it's bland too.
I added lots of pepper and salt for extra flavour.

If you want to taste a great pasta carbonara, go to grazie. It's cheaper by RM2 too.

Next is Tiramisu...

When we were ordering the food, i told the new waitress that i wanted a tiramisu.
She said, "Tiramisu? Oh ok :) The soup right?"
My jaw almost drop when she say that.
Which then i corrected and guide her to the dessert section *tried so hard not to lol here*

Anyways, taste wise, 1/5.
Very little mascarpone cheese, not tasty and EXPENSIVE!
In Grazie, even though the portion was little, you can taste every single kicking ass taste in their tiramisu. And it only cost RM9.80.
This baby however cost me RM16.90!!!!
Almost the same price as a main course!
I might as well go to little italy which is cheaper than this!
So not worth your money.

One word to describe this place: DISAPPOINTING.

I'm sorry.
Everything felt so bland and there's just not enough KICK / UMMPH for me to say nice thing about it.
Am sooooooooooo going to gym again to burn this 'non-ummph' fat. *pffft!*


Here's an update on Trisha.

I THINK she's about 7 weeks pregnant now.
2 or 3 more weeks later, baby kittens will start meowing in my room.

We prepared her 'labour room' yesterday, and she's happily going in and out from it.

She also been drinking her favourite water awful lot lately..

Pipe water that is... ><" Every now and then, BB will drop by to give her exercise. Even with her fat belly, her reflects are still fast.

Hehe.. smart but lazy cat :)

On other note, BB is getting obsessed with CUPIDO.

CUPIDO is our new son fyi.
BB bought him for me at the KL international toy fare from our last trip.
Sigh~ I feel pity for the other 'sotong' plush in my car XD
They seem abandoned by their father hahahaha!

Ok, time to catch up with my animes and tv series. Chiao!


2 Responses to "Fresco restaurant"

Cheryl Lo said... August 31, 2010 at 1:18 PM

so cute lah your cat !!! OMG ! drink from the bucket again that :p can't wait to see your kittens soon :-)

Aya said... September 1, 2010 at 8:17 AM

Can't wait too ^^. I just have to get her away from my closet. She keeps on trying to get in and make my closet her labour room sometimes =_=


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