a fake will always be a fake

Hey peeps!
I'm a day late,
but who cares XD
Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

Raya this year was peaceful :)
Everybody was early,
No one to look after...
No trips to arrange...
No money to spend for something that is not worth it...
and best part is, we didn't have to rush to anywhere and also get to do the 'beraya' ceremony with my grandma unlike last year!
No drama no nothing!

Oh! Except a little something from the gardener though...
To put it short, he's out of the house for good.
Never knew he would be that arrogant and forgot what we've done for him all these years.
Sangat seperti kacang lupakan kulit.. tsk tsk tsk.

On a side note,
during an open house visit to one of my friend's house,
there was one incident that baffled me in stupidity.

Flashing back to new year 2010 gathering events, SOMEONE was looking awfully pitiful and was left alone by most friends.
After a year of not talking to each other, BB and i were suddenly approached by this person, greeted with a simple new year wish and a friendly smile!
God knows how surprised we were back then.
I thought the world was gonna end the next day @_@

With a hint of doubt AND slight feeling of humanity, i thought, "wow. it must have been very hard for this person to even lay out a handshake to make peace".
So i too, laid out my hand and smiled.
Though it was weird being a middle person between someone who seemed to try to grow up and improve for the better and someone who is still sure that the act was just for a show only at times of trouble, i STILL made an effort to be nice during every later events we stumbled upon each other; even with a big AWKWARD sign sticked on my forehead.

But fast forward to 9 months afterwards... (that would be the 1st day of Raya)
tiada ribut tiada angin, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaana tau everything went back to square one.
YOU decided to go back to your old self,
ignored and treated us like an unseen.

I WAS WRONG, seriously wrong thinking you have changed and became more mature.
Wrong to think you've grown up.

As my babe says, a fake will always be a fake.

One person said Fidel Castro took 50 yrs to admit his mistake.
I say in this case, it might take a decade or never at all.
Another say a fake will never change. They in return expect other people to change for their sake.
I say in this case, there's no doubt about it.

Man... I really wish there was a video cam with me back then.
I would play it to the world and show how fake of a personality you are.

Lesson of the day:

Problem is like a picture puzzle.
During the process in solving it, you know how the image going to look like in the end.
But the question is, does it worth your time and effort?
In this situation, it's just a waste of time.
And the picture is ugly anyway.
So why bother. Heh :P



2 Responses to "a fake will always be a fake"

maslight said... September 12, 2010 at 4:49 AM

Humans comes in many forms and sizes. If a person can't change for a greater gewd, why bother? XD


Aya said... September 12, 2010 at 8:48 AM

true... so true... =3


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