Oh wow.. such a long weekdays...

...and even the upcoming weekend feels like working days XD.

I just got back from BB's fren's wedding btw; and I tell you.. a lot of line dancing performed by the veterans just now! Kin yau owkayyyy! XD Haha. But one thing for sure, they danced the Waltz so much better than the youngsters nowadays XD

I was seated beside Monica (one of Core Fitness yoga instructor) and boy was I lucky. I got lots of fitness tips from her. Hihihihi. Apparently am gonna juggle between gym classes and try to slot in stretch class and her sister's RPM class in between Danny's dance class. And ladies and gents, for the record, I workout so that i can eat more. Buahahahahah! (self comforting... sniffs).

Aaaaanyhow... am not gonna type long coz I have 8 hours flight to la-la-land to catch. So tonight's post is gonna be a short one.

Watched Angels and Demons last night and I think it was great! Loved those type of stories a lot! I never fancy history lessons before especially when you have to memorize years and sooo many places (yes, I hated geography too), but I've always find that I learn better by watching movies and videos ;) Dan Brown's book are actually my first 'fiction' book starting from Da Vinci Code (so sad.. i know). But being a person who adores chic flicks stories I would have never thought that I'll ever get hooked to Dan Brown's creation. You're the bomb dude.

For all my readers out there, let's welcome Mei Honeybee to the blogging world! She's a super busy sexy babe who finally agree that blogging is actually effective in so many ways. So do support/subscribe/follow her at her new blog at http://hunnyb33.blogspot.com and her CUBE restaurant's blog at http://cuberestaurant.blogspot.com. You can also join CUBE's facebook group here!

Wait... You know CUBE restaurant right?
The one at the corner in CityMall, Kota Kinabalu?
(If you're not from KK, that's ok.. hehe.. if you are... where have you been! Mars?).

On your way to Citymall basement parking, you'll definitely pass by their restaurant on the right hand side/corner of Citymall (beside Vedablu). AND, on the LEFT hand side, you'll see a promotional banner hanging there with a picture of Hannah and myself in black and white photo!! Hohohohohoho (that's what I call tumpang glamour).

By the way, for my Muslim friends who cant eat there (yes, it's non halal unfortunately for myself T_T) you can try their cake range. The Chocolate Cheese Cake is the bomb I tell you!!! (I know... I've been repeating this sentence like thousands of time in hoping that I'll get lifetime sponsorship ohohohohohoho!!!!)
Definitely a must try!

Tickets to the 3rd KK Jazz Festival is finally out and it's available at all Coffee Bean Kota Kinabalu outlet! Visit their official website here for complete infos (http://www.kkjazzfest.com).

Tickets are available in the following categories:

* RM 50 ( 2 day pass) – Free Seating
* RM100 (2 day pass) – Designated Seating Area

Tomorrow is going to be the last day for RTM Sabah VFM new panel/studio system course and BB and I going to be on duty in their new colourful studio next Sunday! Wheeeeee~~~~~

There's another 9 days to go before I'm taking a break to Japan (muehehehe). So in the mean time, chop chop chop! I have TONS of work to finish! *cross fingerssss*

Aight! Train to la-la-land is calling. Night!!!


1 Response to "Oh wow.. such a long weekdays..."

maslight said... May 16, 2009 at 11:13 AM

woot? oi ko pg japan holiday ka? I is jealous T_T


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