Happy Mother's Day - 2009!

I've been designing lots of The Roof Restaurant's food/events promotional posters but never really been there to support the real thing. *hehehe*
So for Mother's day event this year, I've decided to bring my family for The Roof's Mother's Day Hi-Tea.

Cake as usual, Chocolate cheese Cake from CUBE restaurant ^^.*Pricey, I know*. Before this, I used to be a fan of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence Cake, but after recommended by Dino Dinosaur, there's no turning back. XD I'm addicted! *it's all your fauuuuuuulllllt*

Anyway, during the Mother's Day Hi Tea, we were entertained by Magic show, and I mean not just any card tricks mind you; the magician even bent and twisted the steel fork!!! XD

Food wise, me love the Mango Lassi and the Roasted Chicken with Biryani Rice ;)

Though the mango lassi was much nicer when the drink first came out, but still, it was great.

Group photo was taken by Jacq. This girl was busy running around taking family photos coz it was part of the Mother's Day promo. Thanks Jacq! *me want softcopyyyyyy XD*

For dinner, we brought mama to Pizza Hut for their Mother's Day Pizza Promotion.

See? Heart shape pizza!

Coincidently, all gifts for mama this year are in pink families! XD

Pink new bed sheet from Cici.
Magenta Top from Nadia.
and Pink/Purple/Magenta shawl from ME!

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day Ma! Muuuuaaaakksss!!!



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