Didnt I tell you how I don't look forward to May?

While everybody is having a long weekend starting from Friday the 1st, I on the other hand had to attend an early morning RTM course for 2 days and finishing up a lot of creative work and Video shooting *breathe in and out* (owkay...so much for labour day and Yehaa long weekend).

On a different note, Work in the office is piling up; and yet everything in this department is falling apart! From lack of hard disk space to slowmo PCs, and just few days ago, the last surviving hdisk of Mars dropped and hit the ground h.a.r.d. *note: it wasn't her fault, nor mine fyi* and to wait for a new one will take weeks *poking the finance peeps*.

To add more shitty stuff to my already jumbled head and thin wallet, Ms Ferrari decided to play tech with me and now she's in the ACER workshop for 2 weeks (how am I going to do my work??????!!!!!). Not only that, Piper's tyre got busted AGAIN. This time, she got nailed by a 2 inch nail at the front. After sending her to replace the air tube, she got slashed AGAIN (after only few hours of being repaired) by an unknown sharp object which flew out of no where; this time, at the back T_T

Now, my salary will all be gone only to repair them both *draw circles at a corner*

Why cant I lose weight due to stress? *snort*



2 Responses to "Didnt I tell you how I don't look forward to May?"

maslight said... May 4, 2009 at 3:54 PM

Ganbatte! I need new rims

Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 3:07 PM

u tend to eat more when ure stress out.. hehe..


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