Halal beer?

Was reading this article earlier.


KUALA LUMPUR: Facial creams, pills for erectile dysfunction, herbal aid to help smokers say no to cigarettes and even beer are among the products on show at the world’s largest halal trade fair being held here.

These products are among hundreds from various parts of the world, including non-Muslim nations. The pill for erectile dysfunction is from South Korea while the
halal beer is from Iran and the quit-smoking aid is from India.


Halal beer?

Hrmmmmm..... (insert confusion here).

"How can it be halal...?", Wilfred asked
"Errr... I dunno..."I replied
"As far as I know, any halal beer would be non alcoholic or will not get you drunk" Rina-Cat added.
"Hehe... If 'halal' cocktail is called mocktail... then 'halal' beer would be?"

*insert cricket sound here*

A minute there, I find it hilarious... somehow.

Even if I tasted this 'mock'beer, I wouldn't know the difference with a real beer, would i?

Oh! Oh! There's one more thing.

If you've been to Green Passion Cafe in Citymall, you'll know that it is a vegetarian eatery place.

Part of their menu is Kon lo Mee with pork (artificial pork that is).

So out of curiosity, I asked people around me; my mom, my aunt..even my grandma.

"Since it's artificial, and it is not a real pork meat.. are we allowed to eat that?"
"Hrrrmm... I guess?" - My aunt answered
"No need laaaaaa" - as expected from my mom
"Sebaik-baiknya tak perlu lah" - said my grandma.

Knowing myself, I am not satisfied.

So I asked BB to experiment it XD <-- jahat

He said, "errr... doesnt taste like one. probably.. 1%?"

Now, hehe... curious... *and I dont mean to be insensitive* To my muslim friends, we know the real pork meat is considered haram, but IF it's artificial, will you give it a try?

PS: This is an open discussion and of course, try to be open minded and answer honestly will ya?



5 Responses to "Halal beer?"

maslight said... May 8, 2009 at 2:19 PM

Vegetarian "pork" is edible hahahahah. It's flour. Seriously. It's flour. I won't know how the real "pork" meat taste but er @_@ flour yeah flour, same goes as the other vegetarian product, either bland or er ogie, it's only tasty if you add flavour, get wut I mean.

2 cent answer XD

This got me curious about halal beer though, same beer taste only non alcoholic? o.O

elixelle said... May 10, 2009 at 1:13 AM

haha.. the thought has crossed my mind before.. lol!!!! but never really worked up enuff curiosity and courage to actually try... haha.. i eat the other vegetarian meat products bt nvr tried vege pork.. lol!!!

as for the halal beer... must kinda be like malta is to stout... hehe...

LaViaP said... May 10, 2009 at 4:19 PM

what i would like to know, how or where that artificial pork taste came from? is it artificially made from adding chemical compound or from the source itself? ;)

K-E said... May 11, 2009 at 5:05 PM

gartI prefer ISTAK's original flavour : The malt. If you like to try, i suggest you to try the fruity flavour like the Lime and Peach.Most important thing is,we dont have to worry about sugar and diabetic issue.

Right now there 2 brands (both from Iran) , ISTAK and DESSLER ,waiting to enter Malaysian Market.Massive distribution will start next month.

They're targeting young Malay Moslem market.Those Malay Moslem in the city who active in nightlife/clubbing scene but at the same time still concern about Halal issues.And also for those who want to change from non-halal to halal beer.

Dessler is planning to open a bar/pub/club for young Malay Moslem to hang out for beers and friends.With a combination of cool lounge music and cosy ambience, i think it will be an extra unique thing in KL Clubbing scene.So,say bye bye to RM7 Coke-in the club.

Anyway, just waiting for Majlis Fatwa Malaysia to declare the 'level' of Halal of both beers.

Off course got some pro and contra about this.As we all know, Malays are really creative in 'alteration'.No one will know if a boy drinking a halal or non-halal beer.He can just pour Heineken into ISTAK bottle and drink in-front of Tok Imam without getting caught.

Aya said... May 11, 2009 at 5:23 PM

Mas> Julian said it tasted like tofu. No pork taste at all XD

Elixelle> Same here. As for beer, my first guess was malta too. But oh well, wait till it comes out.

LaViap> I'm guessing... chemical. But it still hard not to think it's from the real stuff.

K-E> Great info mate! But yeah, like your last paragraph said, it CAN happen.


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