Escape to Bali - part 1

So I have arrived in Bali safely ^^

But before I go into my Escape to Bali – Part 1 post, please grab a hot chocolate while waiting for the pics to load fully =P

During our 2 hours and 30 minutes flight yesterday, we got hungry (it was dinner time by the way) and the Air Asia service was freaking Maha Lembabness, I tell you.

According to the flight attendance, they were quiet surprise with the KK-Bali flight.

Unlike their domestic Indon flight, the demand for food from Malaysia was quiet a lot.So since most of their food ran out of stock, all of us had to eat… Maggie.. LOL!

We are currently staying in Puri Dhewa Bharatta Villas, a 2 star BEAUTIFUL and cheap Villa in Bali.

This Villa has a fine looking exterior/building design and..*unfortunately for me* a few scary statues around =_=” *scared the shit out of me when I walked to my room last night*
Despite NO Maxis coverage and Rp30,000 (about RM12) for 2 ½ hrs of Internet service, for a cheap and lovely villa like this, I put my rant aside for the day =P *but I miss Julian a lot*

A friend of Papa signed us up for a Bali Tour under Hythm Holidays, therefore our trip here is pretty much scheduled starting today till Thursday.

So today, before we started out with our Holiday tour, my family and I called a cab and headed to Sariamerta to visit the Batik Factory before heading off to Sukawati for some shopping & have some Nasi Padang for our lunch! Wheeeee!!!

Shopping in Sukawati market is like a part of shopping heaven for the ladies. From arts and souvenirs to tops and dresses, pareos and T-shirts, bags and beach slippers, bed sheets and interior house deco… even… those… unusual… souvenir… *you'll see what I mean*

At about 4pm, Uncle Rizal, our Indonesian tour guide picked us up from the Villa to Uluwatu Temple, a Hindu temple located on the cliff top of Tanjung Benoa. If you’re into sports, you can also try parasailing and Banana Boat activity here.

Before going into the Uluwatu temple, it is advisable for you to put away your hairclips, earring, shades, caps, badges or anything that may attract the monkeys. Yeap.. there were A LOT of monkeys await you in the temple. According to uncle Rizal, they can get pretty… aggressive. Therefore, walking together with the local guide will reduce the risk of you being disturbed by them monkeys.

After we are done with our Uluwatu Temple tour, Papa gave the local guide RP20,000 as a token of appreciation for helping and guiding us throughout our journey inside.

Nonetheless, my dad didn't expect this to happen:

Papa: Nah, bapa… Ini uwang untuk bapa ya. Terima Kasih kerana menolong :)
(Here’s a tip for you. Thanks for showing us around)
Guide: ???? RP20,000 aja? Kok dikit ni pak… biasanya dibagi RP50,000 pak
(Rp20k only? It’s little. I usually get Rp50k)
Papa: o_O”

So I had* to give papa the remaining Rp30,000. Gila demanding orang tua ni.

Aaaanyhow... you cannot say that you’ve been to Bali if you never dine in Jimbaran. Jimbaran Bay is a dining area where you can enjoy BBQ Seafood dinner on a beautiful beach.

The beach was stunning and is also a great place for honeymoon. Even the stray dogs chose the spot to make out. *am serious, they were practically humping each other just beside our table*

Aiman: Papa!!! Papa!!! Apa anjing tu tengah buat??
*Aiman is 9 years old by the way*
Uncle Zan: Mmmm… dia main gaduh2 jer tu…
*Uncle zan is my dad’s friend who brought a long his wife and 2 small kids for this trip*
Aiman: o_O” Ermm.. tapi papa.. kenapa anjing tu melekat??? Macam kembar siam.

All: *stunned*
Uncle Zan: Watch Animal Planet, you’ll find the answer
Aiman: Tapi pa… diorang tak macam gaduh punnn
All: *speechless*

So yeah… that was it. Stay tune for my Escape to Bali – part 2. ;)


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