Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008

Another event went by and as one of the organizers,
I must say that I am so very delightful that the 2008 SBG went really well

Photo credits to Amie

I was tad disappointed that RTM
and some other invited medias weren’t around except for Breeze Magazine *sigh*. Maybe they were just too busy or maybe to them the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering is not as important without any big man or VIPs around. Pfft.

(but I swear I saw one photographer that looks like rtm people... but he registered himself as blogger)

Photo credits to Edgar

Anyhow scrap that… what actually happened yesterday before the big event was a light rehearsal at Imperial International Hotel. Once again Dino treated us to lunch and as much as I always kick him around, he never fails to make sure that everyone is having a great time. Thanks Dino. *bah… I lah belanja you Tiramisu… tapi sotong bayar k?* Oh! Am loving how Imperial did the SBG deco as well

Photo credits to Julian

After getting my makeup and hair done, I managed to arrive just in time – 6.00pm SHARP (but 15 minutes late than what I promised Jacq.. ehehehehhe….) to assist Jacq for the guest registration session.

Photo credits to Edgar

100 bags were all successfully given away BUT* I won’t say that they beat the Sabah time syndrome. LOL! Coz we only finished distributing all goody bags at 7.30pm!!! And the event supposedly starts at 7pm!!! Apa macam daaaaa~ Sabah time is still Sabah time.. tak boleh pakai~. LOL!!!!

The MC for the night was none other than DJ Selina Light and mua~.

MC of the night

It was a last minute plan to include myself as the second mc but boy… it was so much fun. Selina and I just couldn’t stop laughing and teasing each other in front of the crowd.

Photo credits to Edgar

Selina and I
Photo credits to Julian

Speaking of the crowd, they were fantastically awesome

Selina and I thought that we had to go through another no respond Sabahan crowd like how Julian posted in his blog once, but No~ they were great! E.g. During the lucky draw, though we accidentally announced that they had to do something in order to win the price right before we called out their number, instead of sitting at the corner quietly, they got up and took the challenge. You guys are cool. Nuf said. Oh! Almost everyone is a winner that night too!

Bloggers from CSP

Louis Pang sharing his tips

Blogger caught live blogging

Lucky Draw
Photo credits to Julian

Lucky Draw Challenge by Rainer

Photo credits to Julian

Mua, Emelda, Selina and Evelyn
Photo credits to Julian

Presenting Hot Pot prize to the lucky winner
Photo credits to Julian

Salute goes to all 4 performers that night as well.

From the SIA group, to Chris and Rainer of the new Locust-DayDream band, Richado and his ‘Episod’ gang and last but not least my favourite, Terry Peter. His last song got most of the crowd dancing in front of the stage. You so keng lah Terry! Caya lah~

SIA Musical Group


Richado and Episod

Terry Peter

Grooving on the dance floor
Photo credits to Julian

Happening okaaaay~
Photo credits to Perry

A shot by Louis Pang using PErry's camera
Photo credits to Perry

Since I’m still on my Detox diet, I could only eat fish last nite. I would never had eaten if it wasn’t for massy who kindly took few slices of fish meat for me. LOL!

But being an organizer, you can never really sit down and eat when you know you have to do MC and entertaining as well. Hence, I got headache for the rest of the night. Hungryyyyy… T-T

The 3 chicas

Bang Boys

Mua, Richado and Selina

CSP Group

Sama taaaaak?

The adorable bloggers

Daniel and Julian Sotong

See how it matches

Mars and Serena

Doris and me

Usa-chan peaaaace XD

Serena and Selina

Robb (Nuffnang) and me

Seksa Sexy pose of Emelda and me

Daniel botak and me

Look at me Selina!!! I am Sailormoon!!!
Selina : *puke*

Photo credits to Julian

Credits should also be given to Chris (Decipher). Even though he was suppose to be with his fiance who is not well at the moment, he still spared few hours to assist us with the technical matter. Thanks a lot Chris

Photo credits to Perry

But for all is worth, congratulations to all 2008 Sabahan Bloggers Gathering Committee Members for making it happen especially to Jacq, Dino, Julian, WC, Emelda, Daniel and PP Joneh.

SBG 2008 Organisers
Photo credits to Edgar

OH!!! … Papa Joneh!!!… I REALLY* thought that you were taller and have fatherly feature at first you know… LOL! XD But I’d never thought that you’re a funky groovy father. *jangan maraaaaaah XD* LOL! Nice to finally meet you in person!

Papa J and Me

You can get more photos here at 2008 SBG Facebook or my FB Album.

See you at the next Sabahan Bloggers Gathering next year y’all!

Jasmine and I after party


Detox Diet: 8/20 days

Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink

Rice Noodle + Vege + Fish

Fishball soup + Orange Juice

Ps: Gosh... 12 days more. I want Tiramisuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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