Give me a character

KK 2nd Hobbycon 2008
is coming up soon and I still have NOOOOO idea on what to cosplay =_=.

Tho the idea of wearing a Lolita dress and not a cosplay character is quiet tempting, but to be honest... I seriously not into the girly girl "ahaks~ ^-^" or ‘Kyaaa XD’ or ‘Yadaaa~ ><”’ or “Kimochiii~~ >#<” kinda thing.

*I know I typed ‘Kyaaa’ a lot in my blog*

But I do like cool character who still maintain their feminine side XD Just like how I cosplayed Osaki Nana (live action) last year. *It was a very last minute decision, and thanks to Marissa, I managed to gather whatever I need in time*

Nana Live Action

Marissa (Nana Hachi) and I (Nana Osaki)

I guess this year I might be wearing a mask…

or something like this:

Buahahahahha!!!! XD


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