My lucky number 13

*Today, I received a letter stating that I passed the first stage of my SPA exam
*Today, I received extra RM10 change after shopping at Salabianca..
(of course, am gonna return it tomorrow)
*Today, I have opened up a new chapter of my love life… officially


Whenever I walk in 1 Borneo, I always have the itch to go inside their so called ‘Platinum Club’ washroom.

Unlike KLCC where you have to pay RM2.00, 1Borneo Platinum Club toilet cost Rm1 for you to enter

Howeverrrrr~~~ if you are a Platinum Club card member like me~~ you’ll get to piss 100 times or more for FREE. Muehehehe…

That’s the leverage of being a media. Few months back before the opening of 1 Borneo, I got ang pow from 1 Borneo GM to assist me and the rest to become their Platinum Club member. OhoHOhOHohOhoooo~

Since usually I gotta walk so far… or sometimes… lost… in finding their ‘special’…. toilet, I just couldn’t be bothered and just pay and pee like anyone else. But somehow today, I had my shopping therapy at the area nearest to it and decided to give it a try and take a few snap shot for you guys here *I know it’s silly…. So I understand if you’re not interested*

See? Be a member today to get discounts at major shopping outlets in 1 Borneo and pee for free. Wheeeeeeeeee~~~~ LOL!!!!!


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