You gotta pay more to live longer and less to die faster?

…………………… *cricket*cricket*cricket*


That’s just great…

“Why do you think the lite pack cigarette (less nicotine)
is far more expensive than the normal ones?”
, Rina ranted
“Ish! But WHY must it affect all the healthy food!
This can be another reason NOT to diet and eat healthy ya know”

“Probably it's less addictive than the normal ones. E.g. If cigarette,
people use the lite pack, smoke less. While people use the normal
ones, still smoke more. So in the long run, the normal ones costed more.
So do the math for the food”


…and this comes from Rina whom I know knows to eat, read manga
and draw comic only.


I’ve survived my 10 days of detox diet.
It’s ok so far with slight bad headache in between due to lack of food intake.
But I’ve been eating right!! Honest!

Only there are times when the food that I wanted was not around me.
So blame on the diet. Hohohoho XD

Julian advised me to eat even tho I'm on my detox programme, or else he would buy
Little Italy’s Tiramisu that I’m craving since last month and shove it into my mouth

*kejaaaaaaaaaaam XD*

Another 10 more days to go before my detox diet ends and
banyak dugaan seh!

e.g. Tomorrow, Tina invited me to have luncheon at Mosaic Hyatt
for their new Char-Grilled Ribs menu.

I told her that I’m on detox and that Marissa and Julian would be truly
happy to eat them on my part, but being a wonderful lady, she told me
that she’d prepare salmon dish for me. Yeyyyy!!! Gagagagaga XD

As for dinner on the other hand would be the CSP outing for dinner at Wagamama.
50% offer on all sushi!!!
Mak ai… mati laaaaa XD

My evil plan for the time being is to grab the top part of the sushi
while Julian is not watching and left him the seaweed and rice to eat.

Yosh! Very nice plan indeed! Hohohoho!


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