Off to Bali!

I always have a dream of having my own restaurant.
But in order to make it work, it’ll take more than by just saying it.
The business plan. The capital. The workload.
It’s just like having a new born baby where you have to change their diaper every single minute and really tahan their poo and 24/7 crying for attention.
You also gotta have the right people to work with.
Those who can really go through thick and thin with you… and I’m telling ya… it’s worse than finding a boyfriend.. seriously…

I have approached and been approached by those who are driven by the same passion as I am… but….. like I said… you hafta talk the talk and walk the walk.
Let’s just pray that this time, it’ll become a reality


PS: Guys, am off to Bali in an hour. Just in case there’s no internet connection in the hotel I’m staying, well… ^^… I’ll be MIA till Friday evening. *Can’t wait to shop and bargain in Kuta Market! Wheeeeeeeeee* See ya!!!



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