Roadtax Rebate

I went to post office and finally claimed my road tax rebate for this year. Ohohoho.
(mode kaya sebentar).

“The post office man looks cute”, mama whispered
“Aaaaa…. Can laaaa…”
“Ok laaaa… you see… he’s hitting on you tu… and me I suppose.. “
‘+_+ Why do you like people who look so kesian”
“Kesian meh?? Then si Julian tu???”

“err…...itu…. Muka ham sap”


As far as I was told, you can only claim your rebate once a year.
For this year, those whose roadtax expired from April onwards and paid for it, can still claim RM625 back.

PIKOM pc fair will be on tomorrow 8th – 10th Aug 2008 at Sabah Trade Centre building.

The building feels so stuffy right now with all the unfinished booth setup.
But I saw a lot of PC stuff been transferred in tho.
There’s printers, gadgets, laptops, computers... you name it.
So next evil plan is… to transfer all those stuff into MY* truck at
midnight tonight.


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